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Call of Duty • Nov 02, 2018

Attack dogs in Black Ops 4 can jump crazy heights to take out enemies

Attack dogs in Black Ops 4 can jump crazy heights to take out enemies

Anyone who has played Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is likely to have come across the seemingly invincible enemy that is the game’s version of the attack dog.


This year, the hounds are not a scorestreak, but can be called in by the player using the Nomad specialist periodically throughout the game.

The dogs can kill opponents in one bite, and take a lot of damage to kill, so some players have taken to trying to hide from the vicious beasts instead of trying to battle them.


Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be an option either, based on a video uploaded to Reddit by a user named ‘Meltron77’.

In an attempt to survive the upcoming assault, Meltron77 decided to hide in the balcony on the outer lane of popular map Summit. Because the only way up to the platform is by a ladder, it seems like a safe spot, because obviously no dog could climb a ladder.

Well, it seems ladders are irrelevant when you have springs for legs, as the dog wandered up to the platform, and then jumped an incredible height onto the platform to take out it’s prey, giving the player little chance to eliminate the dog before it could bite him.


With the dog now using superpowers to jump great distances, it seems Call of Duty fans will have to return to trying to eliminate the canine assailant rather than escaping it.

Thankfully, there are some ways to eliminate the attack dogs, including the use of launchers, different specialist items and operator mods, although your aim will need to be good to take down the beast before he gets to you!

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