Tfue explains big difference between Apex Legends and Warzone in Twitch return

Tfue Warzone Apex LegendsActivision / YouTube / Respawn

Tfue has stepped into the Apex Legends vs Warzone debate, branding the Call of Duty battle royale “dogsh*t” as he made his return to Twitch after a week away from streaming.

Popular streamer Tfue has found great success with Warzone. His viewers doubled after moving to the game full-time in April following ventures into Minecraft and GTA RP, but that doesn’t mean his opinions on the battle royale are entirely positive.

After a seven-day break from streaming due to feeling unwell, Tfue shared his views on the current state of Warzone in a stream titled ‘BACK FROM THE DEAD’ where he said the game “sucks”, and argued Respawn wouldn’t allow Apex Legends to get to the same stage.

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“You know what’s crazy? This game actually sucks,” he said just 12 minutes into his stream. “Apex is dogsh*t?” responding to a viewer in chat, “Apex is dogsh*t but it’s way less dogsh*t than this game. Like, Apex wouldn’t let their game get to this point, you know?”

Later on, Tfue appeared to suggest that Activision doesn’t care about Warzone as much as the main Call of Duty titles, and argued that it will be “too late” by the time the problems with the game are fixed.

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“Call of Duty is just dogsh*t. It’s a f**king PC controller game, the company doesn’t give a f**k, they probably care more about multiplayer than f**king Warzone even though Warzone is carrying this dead-ass game Call of Duty since it came out, yet they still don’t give a f**k.

“Why is it that every single battle royale game like this, how come they wait until it’s too late to fix sh*t. I don’t get it… I feel like this game sucks, you know? This game’s awful.”

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Several big-name streamers like NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman have recently made the switch to Apex Legends, partly because of Warzone’s big problem with hackers, and many of them have seen their viewers increase as a result.

100 Thieves co-owner CouRage has also taken shots at Warzone, claiming that Apex Legends is “way better” because of its ranked lobbies, regular new Legend releases, and balance patches among other features.

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