Terrible Warzone glitch spot lets players shoot through the roof

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A glitch in Warzone is letting cheaters get the better of their opponents by shooting through the roof to wipe out teams without the possibility of trading back.

Call of Duty players have been struggling with a few gameplay issues in the battle royale as of late. There’s been a rise in teamers creating imbalances across modes as well as bugs that “handicap” Warzone’s snipers.

As Raven Software work on resolving some of these issues, players also want to spotlight structural issues in Caldera as it pertains to people glitching into and shooting through walls across the map.

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It’s a convenient way for Warzone cheaters to stack easy kills and the larger community have been contending with multiple iterations of this problem.

Warzone walling cheat ruining games

Redditor ‘didonato’ was surprised after finding how he and his duo got wiped after taking over a rooftop vantage point. The area was cleared from players, save from two opponents nearby inside of the building below.

Shortly after, one of the players went down. After surveying the nearby area, and joining to pick up his teammate, didonato also went down.

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The Killcam revealed their attackers glitched inside of the walls of the structure with clear sightlines to the player and his teammate.

The Warzone community didn’t like seeing the walling exploit appear in yet another spot on the map, but the scenes were, unfortunately, unsurprising to a lot of players.

“I kept getting wrecked there last night,” one player said. “I couldn’t figure out how or why because it never made any sense. It didn’t help that the usual Warzone bug where you get no kill cam kept happening.”

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As the devs continue to iron out Warzone’s exploits, players want these walling cheats addressed to ensure the competitive integrity in the battle royale.

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