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Temp mocks Luminosity duo Brack and FormaL in heated exchange: “you f***ing shit can”

Published: 9/Jul/2019 20:48 Updated: 10/Jul/2019 1:46

by Calum Patterson


Professional Call of Duty player Donovan ‘Temp‘ Laroda has hit out at Luminosity’s Carson ‘Brack’ Newberry, labelling him a “fucking shit can” in a war of words on social media.

The Splyce pro first responded to a seemingly innocuous post from Brack on July 9, where the LG player had asked whether a Nighthawk router would help him play like ‘Huke Skywalker’ (referring to Temp’s Splyce teammate, Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland.)

Temp’s reply, “you fucking suck brotha man” didn’t immediately draw a response from Brack, but when a fan reminded him that Luminosity had beaten Temp and Co. during their most recent League match, Brack weighed in: “That’s what I was thinking.”


Temp hit right back, labelling his fellow pro player a “fucking shit can”, and reminding him of his LAN records for most damage in the Black Ops 4 season, while dismissing LG’s win over Splyce as little more than a meaningless league match.

Loroda also suggested Brack was guilty of ‘baiting’ his teammates for the sake of his personal stats – an issue 100 Thieves’ star Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat was vocal about days prior.

“LEGIT ALL TIME DAMAGE RECORD vs your garbage ass at an EVENT,” Temp wrote. “Stop baiting your team and (challenge) someone for once you fucking shit can.”


Temp went on to reiterate that he believes Brack’s impressive individual stats are down to selfish gameplay, “baiting his teammates”, and telling his fellow pro to “get better shitter”, so that LG’s Josiah ‘Slacked’ Berry can qualify for playoffs.


FormaL joins in defense of teammate

Brack’s Luminosity teammate Matthew ‘FormaL‘ Piper came to his defense, but Temp went on to claim that their win over Splyce was only granted because he wasn’t trying, instead ‘throwing them a bone’.

Temp argued that in his younger years as a ‘developing’ player, he was more easily beaten by top pros, but is now in his prime, and even a World Champion like FormaL “cannot fuck with me”.

He also accused Brack of starting the confrontation with his jab at Huke over internet connection and the use of a router: “his fan boy ass trash can shouldn’t (have) said shit.”


The debate wasn’t over though, as FormaL attempted to nuetralize the situation by suggesting Brack wasn’t being serious in his initial post, and that Temp had overreacted.

Temp wasn’t hearing it though, doubling-down that Brack was “trash” – and that FormaL would eventually agree “when you drop him in a few months”.


Brack’s father weighs in

Later on July 9, Brack’s father, Archie Newberry, hit back at Temp, appearing to mock the pro player’s weight – to which Temp was understandably incensed by.

Responding, Temp continued to lay on insults towards Brack, while suggesting his father looked ‘weak’ in his attempt to defend his son.


Unrelenting, Newberry responded again, labelling Temp’s attidute “toxic”, and that as such he was holding back his team, ending his message with “basically, you suck!”

Keeping it short, Temp fired back by stating plainly that he possesses ’10 times the talent’ of Brack.


All three players, Temp, Brack and FormaL, will have the opportunity to put their words into action at the CWL Finals in Miami – but only if Luminosity can qualify for the event through the Play-In tournament.

Temp’s Splyce are already qualified for the $1.25 million event, with a whopping $500,000 up for grabs for first place.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War Zombies leak reveals new Pack-A-Punch, armor, more

Published: 29/Oct/2020 2:20 Updated: 29/Oct/2020 2:23

by Brad Norton


A huge collection of Black Ops Cold War Zombies leaks has seemingly revealed a ton of key details for the upcoming mode, including new weapons, Perks, armor, and plenty of additional features. 

Zombies in Call of Duty has been around since World at War released in 2008. The round-based mode has been a staple in Treyarch games ever since and the upcoming Black Ops Cold War is no different.

The iconic mode is returning in a big way. Not only will new features be on display on a new map, but players will be able to join up with friends across all platforms for the first time ever. There’s a ton to look forward to, but before the November 13 launch, a wide array of details have already leaked out online.

From brand-new features in the latest iteration, to the surprise inclusion of armor, and even a new spin on Pack-A-Punch, there’s plenty to digest. Here’s an overview of all the key information from the new leaks.

Armor coming to Zombies in Black Ops Cold War

Warzone armor
Warzone’s armor system appears to be making its way to Zombies in Black Ops Cold War

In a first for the series, armor is reportedly making its way to the Zombies experience. Similar to how it functions in Warzone, players will be able to equip three armor plates at once. Additionally, this armor can then be upgraded at brand new ‘armor stations’ around the map. 

This means that teams will be able to boost their health greater than ever before.

In previous iterations, Juggernog was the main source of health buffs. However, with full armor and Juggernog in Black Ops Cold War, players can allegedly survive “10 hits from a Zombie.”

Perks in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Black Ops Cold War Zombies gameplay
Many of the fan-favorites are back, but a new Perk is also on the way in Black Ops Cold War.

While previous leaks outlined which perks to expect in the newly revamped Zombies mode, a few new details have slipped through the cracks. There is one new Perk-a-cola in the game and it’s referred to as ‘Elemental Pop.’

This unique perk will activate an Ammo Mod at random. You may be wondering what an Ammo Mod even is, that’s because these are entirely new with Black Ops Cold War as well. There are four Ammo Mods in total and chugging this new perk will randomly give out one at a time.

Below is a list of all four and how they function:

  • Cyrofreeze – Frost damage and slows enemies.
  • Dead Wire – Electric damage and stuns enemies.
  • Napalm Blast – Fire damage and burns Zombies.
  • Brain Rot – Turns a Zombie to an ally.
Black Ops Cold War Zombies gameplay
Elemental Pop is set to change your weapons in exciting new ways.

One of these effects will be applied to your equipped weapon, changing how the map will play out moving forward. Also of note, Pack-A-Punch has been changed to fit these new Ammo Mods as well.

Whenever you’re Pack-A-Punching a gun in Black Ops Cold War, you’ll reportedly be able to choose from this list. No longer will the upgrade be down to luck; players will have input in the effects their weapons will come with.

Field Upgrades in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Black Ops Cold War Zombies gameplay
Eight powerful Field Upgrades are supposedly in the works for Black Ops Cold War.

Rather than working with Specialists in the upcoming Zombies mode, Field Upgrades are in focus. There are seemingly eight in total, though only five may be included at launch, according to the leaker.

Some of these help wipe out waves of enemies while others will set your team up to defend a location. They all have unique functions so you’ll have to pick wisely and spread them out among your team. Below is a list of each Field Upgrade seemingly confirmed for launch.

  • Aether Shroud – Masks your presence, making you near-invisible to Zombies. Lasts 5 seconds.
  • Ring of Fire – “Ring shows up that boosts damage inside for everyone.” Also burns enemies that step inside.
  • Healing Aura – Heal yourself and teammates to full health within a small radius.
  • Frost Blast – Wind blast of frost damage. Also slows Zombies.
  • Energy Mine – Proximity mine.

Additionally, three more Field Upgrades appear to be joining the list in future seasons. Lightning Links, Toxic Growth, and Frenzy Guard could all change your strategies as Black Ops Cold War evolves.

New Rune upgrade system in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Black Ops Cold War Zombies gameplay
It looks like there will be more to grind for than any previous Zombies experience.

While plenty of other details may seem like obvious iterations, Runes are supposedly the “biggest innovation” in Black Ops Cold War. These serve the role of a fully-fledged upgrade system. Everything from Perks to weapons can all be upgraded through the use of Runes.

With every aspect of the game having three distinct tiers, that leads to a total of 72 permanent upgrades to unlock. These are all purchasable with a new in-game currency known as ‘Aetherium,’ according to the leaks.

Aetherium comes in both Raw and Flawless variants. There’s no telling just how long the grind will be to tally up your Aetherium, though playing the game is seemingly the only way to earn this new currency. 

One example of the Rune system at work focused on the Stamin-Up perk. With the level one upgrade, movement impairing effects from stuns and Zombie strikes are reduced by 50%. At the next tier, all fall damage is removed. Finally, at level three, players are able to sprint while aiming.

Other new details for Zombies in Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War zombie gameplay
You can spot a blueish grenade dropping off of this Zombie in the official trailer. This could be part of the new loot system.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that Zombies have health bars and display damage numbers when being hit. Additionally, there will be a compass and minimap no different from Warzone. 

Zombies will supposedly also have a chance to drop random loot at any time. Similar to power-up drops in the classic Zombies experience, foes can drop armor, grenades, and even killstreaks, according to the leaker.

Last but not least, there is a new Salvage system in the game.

As you progress through the rounds and fend off waves, you’ll collect Salvage which can then be used to build various tools. From explosives to support equipment and even Monkey Bombs, crafting will be a key feature in Zombies.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies gameplay
This is a look at Salvage in the Zombies trailer, according to the leaker.

As always with early leaks, do take this information with a grain of salt until Black Ops Cold War is released. Some of these details could come from an early build that has since been changed or outright scrapped.

Only time will tell how much of this holds true. If even half of this info is accurate, however, Zombies fans could be in for the most elaborate year thus far.