Temp explains Splyce’s roster changes in hilarious CWL Pro League interview


In an extraordinary post-match interview at the CWL,Call Of Duty player in the world right now!

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Splyce announced on Monday, June 3 that they had officially moved Accuracy to their substitute position, bringing in Nick ‘Nolson’ Nolson to replace him in Week 10 of the CWL Pro League, starting with their match against Team Envy.

Temp couldn’t help but grin as caster Clint ‘Maven’ Evans commented that the team looked like they were enjoying playing together again. Victory over EnVy “was the most fun I’ve had playing CoD in years,” admitted the player, before revealing that personality clashes had been affecting their game.

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Accuracy was removed from Splyce’s starting roster.
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Temp said: “That was the biggest problem, Gameplay-wise, we knew what to do. We created how to play this game, and then we stopped doing what we created!

“That just shows that we hated each other, simple as that!”

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Temp thinks he’s the world’s best CoD player

Temp was more than happy to discuss his own incredible performance, which saw him finish the match with a 1.26 kill/death ratio. Asked by Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker why he switched from an ICR to a Maddox, the American had the casters in stitches as he ranted about how powerful the weapon was.

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Temp shouted: “Did you see that? That’s why! That gun is broken bro! You need an entry? I’m there! It’s the most overpowered gun I’ve ever seen! You don’t get recoil!”

Proving that modesty ism’t one of his strong suits, Temp appeared to be shocked to be even asked whether he was the best player in the world.

“Yes! What?” yelled Temp while the casters chuckled. “Did you see the aim?”

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The former Echo Fox player rounded off by taking a cheeky shot at teammate Ulysses ‘AquA’ Silva, saying that he hoped AquA felt more comfortable using an ICR following their switch.

Temp joked: “He was getting absolutely turned on with the Maddox, I don’t know how bro,” to more howls of laughter from the analyst desk.

Splyce’s win over Team Envy saw them take outright fourth position from their opponents, moving to an 8-8 record for their season overall.

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The team, including the ultra-confident Temp, will be back in action on June 5 against Spanish squad Heretics.