TeeP blasts “terrible” Warzone 2 after losing to invisible player

Tyler 'TeeP' Polchow discussing WarzoneYouTube: H3CZ

Former Call of Duty World Champion TeeP blasts Warzone 2 after placing 2nd in a Battle Royale match after dying to an invisible enemy.

Warzone 2’s invisibility glitch problem has gotten out of hand in the two weeks that the game has been live and TeeP has seen enough.

After surviving a tough lobby and racking up 17 kills along the way, he was in a prime position to clutch a match out for his team when he got lit up by an enemy he couldn’t see.

The Warzone vet backed away and plated up but after another cursory glance around his environment, his teammate (Call of Duty League broadcaster Merk) confirmed that the bullets were coming from out of thin air.

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TeeP blasts Warzone 2 after dying to yet another invisible player

TeeP still did his best to extend the game and confirm his suspicion, but as the gas encroached there wasn’t anything he could do to change the outcome.

It only took a few seconds for the cheating squad to roll up on his new position and take him out.

His frustration was immediately apparent and he didn’t waste words when venting it all out.

“Alright, pull us out,” he said, through laughter. “Thank God we get some views on this game…it’s terrible. It’s so bad.”

Those are some pretty sharp words coming from a veteran of the franchise, particularly one who has a record of defending Call of Duty for most of its flaws.

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He’s not the only streamer who is growing tired of the experience though, as names like Aydan and Dr. Disrespect have also chimed in on the state of the game and how they believe it’s a struggle to play.