TeeP admits he’s “worried” about Warzone 2 being rushed

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Warzone 2 is weeks away from launching but Call of Duty content creator, Tyler “TeeP” Polchow, is worried for one specific reason. 

While CoD fans are busy delving into the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, the community is already looking toward Warzone 2. In fact, players have been tirelessly leveling up various weapons ready for the new installment in the popular battle royale mode.

However, the launch of Modern Warfare 2 has been far from smooth. From frustrating visual glitches to annoying bugs that crash the game, there are certainly a number of issues that have marred the overall experience.

With the Warzone 2 launch just weeks away, popular content creator TeeP is now worried about whether the game will actually be in a playable state. 

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TeeP on Warzone 2 launch

“Is Warzone 2 going to come out in a finished state because of DMZ, that’s what I’m worried about,” explained TeeP. “Did they spend enough time on DMZ, because of Warzone? With multiplayer, with Spec Ops, with Warzone, with DMZ – like Call of Duty just does this classic thing, where they just spread themselves so thin.”

The new DMZ mode is perhaps the most ambitious project, which the developers have explained as being a “passion project” for the team. Unlike other modes in Warzone 2, DMZ will see players collect gear to keep in their inventory and utilize from match to match. 

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Not much is known about the “extraction mode”, but it does seem to take inspiration from Escape From Tarkov. While this new CoD experience does sound exciting, TeeP believes it could lead to Warzone 2 feeling overly rushed. 

“I don’t want something that comes out in November, but isn’t in a good spot until March if that makes sense? Is it going to come out and is it going to feel rushed? That’s what I’m very worried about,” the streamer said. “When we played Warzone at Next, it felt very rushed and I’m just like ‘oh god, here we go again’, I’d rather just wait.”  

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Whether Warzone 2 will release in a better state than Modern Warfare 2 remains to be seen, but for now, make sure you check out our Call of Duty page for all the latest news and updates.