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Team Liquid pro players win Dr DisRespect’s Code Red $10K Blackout tournament – recap, final placements, brackets, and more

Published: 10/Jan/2019 3:02 Updated: 7/Oct/2020 16:59

by Albert Petrosyan


The January 10 running of the Code Red tournament for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout battle royale mode has now all wrapped up with a pair of Team Liquid pro players being crowned champions.

Liquid’s Casper and Flanker took care of popular streamers Dr DisRespect and LyndonFPS in the Grand Final to secure the $6,000 first place prize and claim their second consecutive Code Red PC tournament.


They were victorious despite having to reach the final via the Loser’s Bracket as they had lost to Team Doc in the Winner’s Bracket Finals. This meant that Casper and Flanker had to win two matches in the Grand Final while their opponents had to only win one.

The first map of match one was a quick affair as all four players were eliminated shortly after landing. Doc and Lyndon had the 5-3 advantage but that was quickly flipped on its head in map two, which saw Flanker drop 10 eliminations and give Liquid the 13-9 overall victory.


Casper (second from the left) and Flanker (third on the left) are two of the original four players that Team Liquid signed to be on their pro Blackout team.

This result meant that the bracket would be reset and a second match would be played with everything on the line. The first map proved to be as tight as can be as Liquid took a narrow 5-4 lead going into map two, despite both Doc and Lyndon falling early.

With everything to still play for in map two, Team Doc were eliminated with zero eliminations and the match ended 9-4 in favor of Casper and Flanker.


Final Placements and Brackets

You can find the final placements included in the table below, as well as both the Winner’s and Loser’s Brackets that include the aggregate scorelines of each match.

Placement Team Prize
1st FLANKER & CASPER $6,000
3rd HUSKERRS & MEERKO $1,500
7th-8th KAMI_R & MDIDS
9th-12th AW_NAW & VSNZ
9th-12th FATAL1TY & SEV1
13th-16th YOUSEF & ZERG_OG
13th-16th DI3SEL & HUTCH


Code Red features 16 teams of two, or duos, competing against each other in a double-elimination bracket. This competition uses the popular “total of two” format which involves opposing duos to queue together in two public Squads matches and race to see who will finish with the more eliminations.

The duo with the more combined eliminations after the pair of matches advances to the next round. If the kill count is tied after the two games, a third will be played where the first duo to reach a total of five kills will advance. If neither team gets five kills, the team with the most kills advances. If there’s another tie, the process will be repeated until a winner is decided.


As for the rules, teams can be forfeited for committing sabotage, which is defined by doing any of the things listed below:

  • Damaging an opponent’s vehicles, equipment, items, etc will result in a forfeit.
  • Running over an opponent with a vehicle or killing/harming them with a vehicle will result in a forfeit.
  • Using any equipment to interfere with an opponent will result in a forfeit. (Throwing a smoke, flash, stun/concussion, etc at your opponent)

About the Code Red Blackout tournament

Code Red is a collaborative project that features tournaments for both Blackout and Fortnite battle royale titles. It is put together by popular Twitch personality Dr DisRespect, the livestream gaming platform called BoomTV, and EsportsArena.


The tournaments normally feature some of the biggest content creators and pro players for the game its being played for, and numerous prominent esports organizations are often represented.

More information about BoomTV and the Code Red tournaments can be found on their official website HERE.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War adds anti-reverse boost feature to protect SBMM

Published: 8/Oct/2020 22:46

by Tanner Pierce


The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta is finally live on PlayStation 4 for those who pre-ordered digitally, and some people have been noticing that Treyarch sneakily implemented a feature meant to counter reverse boosting that wasn’t in the Alpha.

According to Twitter user and CoD insider @_TomHenderson_ and verified by Dexerto, Treyarch has made players invulnerable to all damage for a few seconds when they spawn in. While the feature has yet to be given an official explanation, or even acknowledged by the devs, this was almost certainly done to combat reverse-boosting.


For those that don’t know, Call of Duty games have skill-based matchmaking, which means that players of similar skill-levels are matched together in order to make a more balanced game. Unfortunately, many don’t like this option because it can make the game a bit tedious and annoying.

Because of this, players “reverse boost”, which basically means they’ll “kill themselves” intentionally immediately when they spawn so that they can trick the game into thinking they are lower-skilled, which then puts them in a lower-skilled lobbies.


Now, fans will have to wait a few seconds in order to “kill themselves” after they respawn. While this won’t completely fix reverse boosting, it will make a bit more annoying for those who do it.

Players who immediately try and kill themselves when they spawn will find that they won’t be able to.

If they are only carrying one piece of lethal equipment and they immediately attempt to kill themselves, they will have wasted it and will have to go into battle without one until they die and respawn.

Simply waiting a few seconds will, of course, allow you to continue to reverse boost to your heart’s content. That being said, if Treyarch sees that reverse boosting is still rampant by the time the full game comes out, it wouldn’t be surprising if they end up implementing even more counter-measures in order to stop those players.