Team Kaliber’s Accuracy Lives Up To His Name With Insane 1v3 vs Team Envy at CWL Pro League

Accurate by name, accurate by nature – Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi wears his finest skill proudly on the back of his Team Kaliber jersey, and showed it off with a stunning 1v3 clutch against Team Envy in the CWL Pro League.

Early in the CoD: WWII season, many regarded Accuracy as the top Assault Rifle player in the game, leading his then tK roster to back-to-back open championships, a first in his career and in the history of the tK organization,

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But since their high flying start, it is no secret that Team Kaliber’s fortunes have not faired so well, despite Accuracy remaining on the roster as well as the player many considered the best SMG in the game, Kenny “Kenny” Williams.

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Internal issues led to poor placings at the next events, and eventually the departure of Dylan “Theory” McGee and Martin “Chino” Chino.

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The new squad, with Maurice “Fero” Henriquez and Ian “Enable” Wyatt have seen some improvement, but are still not considered by many to be at championship caliber just yet.

However, Accuracy is still keen to prove he is the very best in his position, and has been performing well individually in Division A at the CWL Pro League – exemplified by this impressive clutch.

With tK already up in the series, they took an early three round advantage on the map two Search and Destroy. Just as Envy thought they had secured a round, Accuracy went one-man-army, hitting precision shots to clutch the 1v3 situation.

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tK went on to close out the series 3-0, pushing them to second place in the Division, only one win behind Red Reserve.

While many still won’t expect them to come away with 1st place at playoffs, history has shown that anything can happen in CoD: WWII, and if Accuracy can keep up his form they will certainly be in with a shot.

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