Call of Duty

Team Kaliber Owner KOSDFF Addresses Reports That He Is Seeking to Block the Sale of Methodz to OpTic

by Albert Petrosyan


The Call of Duty RosterMania saga that has recently erupted involving Team Kaliber, Rise Nation, and pro player Anthony 'Methodz' Zinni has taken another unexpected turn.

In this latest development, TK owner Justin 'KOSDFF' Chandler has addressed recent reports that he and his org are attempting to block the sale of Methodz to OpTic Gaming.


Methodz was transferred from Rise Nation to tK before CWL Seattle, with there apparently being a contracted agreement in place for the move to become permanent soon thereafter.

However, according to KOSDFF, Rise breached that agreement and sold the player's contract to OpTic for a higher fee. 

KOSDFF confirmed that, as a result, tK would "be pursuing legal remedies for breach of contract and other things like that, and also to recover our very large, five-figure transfer fee."


The situation escalated soon after when sources close to the situation reported that tK and KOSDFF were apparently trying to block Methodz's move to OpTic by obtaining some sort of restraining order.

However, the org's owner released a statement on May 8th on his Twitter account debunking these reports as false.


Having already named Ian 'Enable' Wyatt as their new fourth, it would not make much sense anyway for tK to go out of their way to try to block Methodz from joining OpTic.

However, this tweet is no indication that tK will not still try to pursue legal action against Rise Nation for breaching their agreement.