Team Kaliber Eases Past FaZe Clan to Reach CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs Winner Bracket Final

Joe O'Brien

Team Kaliber swept aside FaZe Clan to advance to the winner bracket finals at the CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.

FaZe Clan pulled off an incredible upset over OpTic Gaming to reach the winner bracket semi-finals, but a Team Kaliber in impressive form proved too great an obstacle for the Stage 1 champions.

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Team Kaliber have been praised for their Hardpoint play, and once again they showed why in the opening map of this series. FaZe put up an impressive fight, but tK were able to close things out at 250-205 to draw first blood in the series.

FaZe Clan leaned heavily on Search and Destroy in their upset over OpTic Gaming the previous day, but though some heroics from James ‘Replays’ Crowder put FaZe on the board first, tK came back quickly to take the lead. In the end FaZe couldn’t quite catch up and tK took their second game.

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FaZe Clan’s series hopes rested on Flak Tower Capture the Flag, but though they put up an impressive fight, they weren’t quite able to take it. For every flag FaZe took, Team Kaliber were able to match, before pulling ahead at the end for a 4-3 win.

Team Kaliber secures a spot in the winner bracket final and a minimum top-three placement, already making it their best result since they opened the season with back-to-back titles. FaZe Clan, meanwhile, heads to the lower bracket, where they will fight Red Reserve for survival.

Team Kaliber 3-0 FaZe Clan

HP London Docks 250-205

SND Ardennes Forest 6-4

CTF Flak Tower 4-3