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Call of Duty • Mar 07, 2019

Envy owner Hastr0 helps ex-Excelerate CoD roster after being left shocked by situation

Envy owner Hastr0 helps ex-Excelerate CoD roster after being left shocked by situation
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Team Envy CEO Mike 'Hastr0' Rufail has offered a helping hand to the former Excelerate Gaming roster, after their organization shockingly dropped the team ahead of CWL Fort Worth


Excelerate announced that they had parted ways with Christpher 'ProFeezy' Astudillo, Michael 'Beehzy' Said, Mike 'MRuiz' Ruiz, Robert 'RobbieB' Brugnoli and Austin 'Believe' Smith on March 6, with the ExG CEO Justin Tan promising to put together a new roster ahead of the second LAN event of the Call of Duty season. 

The same day as they were dropped, Beehzy released a lengthy YouTube video, accusing Tan of blackmailing the roster, using the Pro League spot as leverage, and also claims that none of the players were paid the agreed upon salary which their contracts demanded.


ExG released these five players just nine days before CWL Fort Worth.

In a surprising turn of events, the dismissed players seem to have been handed a lifeline at the last minute and might not miss out on CWL Fort Worth entirely. 

Hastr0 has offered his services to Excelerate's former Call of Duty team, after reaching out to them on Twitter. "Hate to see what happened to the Excelerate COD team," he tweeted. 

"Tag the players and let them know I'm willing to help them get to CWL Ft," he continued. "Worth on my dime. I'll do whatever I can to help them get there and compete."


Hastr0 has since confirmed that he has secured a team pass for the amateur bracket and things look to be moving in a positive direction for the hard done by squad. 

CWL Fort Worth is set to take place between March 15-17 and it certainly looks as though the currently teamless players will be one step closer to competing at the event.

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