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Call of Duty

SypherPK explains why Fortnite should copy CoD: Warzone feature

Published: 17/Mar/2020 12:55

by Jacob Hale


While many of the top streamers and content creators have picked up Call of Duty: Warzone as their ‘main game’ in the weeks following its March 10 release, SypherPK, as a competitor, has stuck with Fortnite.

That’s not to say that the popular streamer is not a fan of Call of Duty’s latest addition to the battle royale genre, there are clearly features he admires about it, which he went into detail about on his stream.

For many players, Fortnite isn’t in its best state right now, having a decreasing player base thanks to plenty of issues with lag and much more competition from other titles, but Sypher thinks one Warzone feature, in particular, could help improve Fortnite to some degree.


The buy station is an interesting new addition to battle royale games.

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While speaking about some of the unique features of Warzone, speaking about contracts which the streamer thinks “would slap in Fortnite,” he went on to explain why currency would be so good in Fortnite.

In Warzone currently, you can pick up cash to use to buy streaks, armor, self-revive kits or to pick up eliminated teammates, and Sypher has explained exactly how it would work in Fortnite.

“Imagine you collect enough currency to buy shields or a launch pad,” he said. “For me, that just sounds really cool, and I think Epic might do something like that, because they’ve shown the gold currency in-game.”


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He finished his point by saying that he thinks “a system like that would work really well,” adding that it may be the gold coins that were once added to the game were a hint at things to come.

The explanation came after he spoke about how hard it is to come across shields in Fortnite, saying that he once opened 17 chests in a game and got no shields from them

Warzone has pulled together some of the greatest features of different battle royale titles and given it its own unique twist, so it might not be long before we see other games take some of Warzone’s best features – and the folks working on Fortnite will probably be keeping their eyes peeled for an opportunity.