Syndicate slams Dr Disrespect and CoD pros over Modern Warfare criticism

Popular streamer and YouTuber Tom ‘Call of Duty pro player Brian ‘Braaain’ Fairlamb over what he believes to be unfair criticism of Modern Warfare.

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Modern Warfare released on October 25 amid major hype, but since then players have complained about the game’s spawns, the maps, and the weapon balancing which have all been causing frustration for those playing.

After weeks of criticism, it seems ProSyndicate has had enough, launching into a passionate defense of the game while criticizing fellow streamer Dr Disrespect, and getting into a heated argument with professional player Braaain.

Infinity WardPlayers have complained about Modern Warfare, and Syndicate isn’t happy.
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Following complaints from The Doc on November 5 about how claymores and shotguns were ruining the game, the Brit took aim at the streamer on November 6, tell him he needed to “man the f**k up” on the game.

“I swear all you do is whine,” wrote the 26-year-old. “Don’t like something? Learn to counter it. You’re acting like the (One Man Army Grenade Launchers) on Modern Warfare 2 didn’t exist, or the M16 and 3x Frags on CoD4 never happened. Man up b*tch!”

“Claymores my ass. Learn to run the right perk setups! Or even better, how about you design another map on stream which you think would be better so people can just camp on that as well.”

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The YouTuber continued his thoughts, tweeting publically that he was “sick of people calling out Modern Warfare about simple s**t,” and stating that “complaining is fine, but whining about it like it’s the end of the world” is “ridiculous.”

“I will 100% agree that things need changes, but people moaning about this standard s**t, just aren’t adapting. I have 48 hours game time so far, and I adapt to every situation, tanks, shotgun, runners, campers, claymores, the whole lot.”

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Braaain replied asking how to adapt to tanks with Trophy Systems on them killing players when they spawn, with Syndicate replying that he and his team were “just bad,” and that to “get good.”

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“We run Predator Missiles and just remove the tanks in no time, we don’t allow them to set up whatever your s**t team let them do.”

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After fellow CoD player Niall ‘Niall’ Sunderland challenged Syndicate and his pubstomping team to a match, Syndicate claimed he wouldn’t “waste (his) time”, prompting Braaain to respond that Syndicate had “spit the dummy out.”

“Just know that if I ever play you in a game, I would send you back to Hunting OpTic you little clown.”

Syndicate told the 26-year-old to “win a tournament and then speak to (him),” with Braaain asking what he had won in response: “Did you win a KFC bargain bucket tourney killing my (grandmother) and her friends? Get a grip.”

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“Became a multi-millionaire from pub stomping CoD back when I was 17 until present,” wrote back the streamer. “Helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity from playing Call of Duty, and had fun doing it. Know your place.”

Braaain wasn’t the only CoD pro to question Syndicate’s opinions, with Seattle Surge’s Sam ‘Octane’ Larew writing that everyone is “free to enjoy what they enjoy”, but that there’s “no way around questionable spawns and maps that weren’t designed with competition in mind.”

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles’ Jordan ‘JKap’ Kaplan was confused by the whole ordeal, simply tweeting: “What are you on tonight my guy?” in response to Syndicate’s outburst.

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While Syndicate may be staunchly defending the game, others continue to criticize it, something which hasn’t gone unnoticed by Infinity Ward

The developers confirmed that they would be making changes to the game in a future update, with weapon tuning, spawn system, and play call-out logic all set for tweaks in the near future.

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