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Symfuhny showcases insane CR-56 AMAX class for Warzone Season 5

Published: 12/Sep/2020 10:33 Updated: 12/Sep/2020 10:37

by Joe Craven


Popular Warzone content creator and Twitch streamer Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier has shared a CR-56 AMAX loadout, which he describes as the “strongest” weapon in the game’s ongoing Season 5.

While Season 5 started with the Bruen LMG as far and away Verdansk’s most powerful weapon, various buffs, nerfs and meta changes have seen other weapons come to the forefront.

One of these is the CR-56 AMAX, the Season 4 assault rifle which fires fairly slowly, but retains stronger handling and mobility compared to the Oden or AK-47. Considered by many to be a viable weapon, it has not come to rule the roost in the way the Bruen or Grau did in seasons past.


CR-56 AMAX being used in Modern Warfare
The CR-56 AMAX is a viable weapon in Warzone Season 5.

However, in a September 11 YouTube video, popular Warzone and Modern Warfare content creator Symfuhny shared a CR-56 loadout that he considers the “strongest” weapon class for the ongoing Season 5.

The first attachment is the Monolithic Suppressor, the attachment that has become an absolute must-have for all Warzone weapons. It boosts range, while simultaneously keeping players off the map.

Pair this with the heavier XRK Zodiac S440 barrel, and recoil control and damage range are augmented to a significant degree. The Commando Foregrip and 45 Round Mags are the next attachments, stabilizing shots and giving users more bullets to throw the way of enemies.


Finally, Sym’s optic of choice is the Corp Combat Holo Sight but, realistically, this can be swapped out for anything of your choice. We’d recommend retaining the optic because the AMAX’s moderate recoil can make the iron sights unusable at longer ranges.

The versatility of the AMAX means that, in overkill classes, you can pretty much take whatever weapon you please. There’s probably no point choosing another AR though, so we’d recommend an SMG or sniper rifle depending on how you like to play Warzone.

Symfuhny’s full CR-56 AMAX loadout is detailed below:

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: XRK Zodiac S440
  • Optic: Corp Combat Holo Sight
  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 45 Round Mags

Whether you stick with this loadout is ultimately up to you, but any gun that can be classed as the strongest in Warzone is certainly worth trying at least once.