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Symfuhny locked out of Warzone account after possible hack

Published: 23/Sep/2020 17:11 Updated: 23/Sep/2020 17:23

by Daniel Cleary


Popular Warzone streamer Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier believes his Call of Duty account may have been hacked, following multiple failed attempts at logging in during his September 23 Twitch broadcast.

Following Symfuhny’s initial rise as a professional Fortnite player in recent years, he has since become one of the most active content creators on Call of Duty’s battle royale, Warzone.

Symfuhny has already seen tons of success on the new title and has even shattered some of the kill records, but the was left confused and concerned after he was locked out of his account on September 23.

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While some bizarre gameplay clips from Symfuhny has previously led to fans accusing him of cheating, it now looks like his account actually be gone, but for a completely different reason.


The streamer revealed during his broadcast that he had encountered issues when trying to log in, suspecting that his Call of Duty account could have been hacked.

“When I log into Activision with my Battlenet, it just wants me to create a new account,” he explained, “it won’t work, my account is completely not there.”

“Chat I want to just make a new account and play right now” he admitted, “but if I am actually banned, I don’t want to be ‘ban evading’ because that would not help the case.”

The streamer revealed his frustrations with the situation, adding that he just wants to play Warzone again, “I don’t know if its a ban or if someone hacked my s*** but it kinda sucks because I just want to play.”


As of now, the streamer is still unsure as to what caused the ban and has temporarily created a new Activision account to play on, until more information about his account is revealed.

Symfunhy’s account issues also comes after claims that over 500,000 CoD accounts had been compromised following an alleged data breach, but Activision have denied this breach took place.

Prior to the removal of his account, Symfuhny would regularly be seen at the top of Warzone’s global leaderboards, for players with the most kills, but he might now have to start from scratch, if his original account does not get restored.