Symfuhny can’t stop laughing watching Nadeshot rage at Warzone 2

nadeshot and symfuhnyYouTube: Nadeshot/Symfuhny

Since the launch of Warzone 2, 100 Thieves CEO and former CoD pro Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has been grinding the battle royale. Despite enjoying the game, he’s had some huge viral moments raging at the game and Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier couldn’t stop laughing after watching one clip.

While video games are generally played for enjoyment, they’re also sometimes the most infuriating form of fun you’ll ever experience. Be it due to laggy gameplay, bugs, cheaters, or something else, it’s very easy to lose your cool in multiplayer games.

Nadeshot, as a longtime veteran of the Call of Duty franchise, understands that better than most, which is why he did actually apologize after one recent angry outburst went viral.

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That said, playing Warzone once again, Nadeshot couldn’t hold in his frustration when he was trying to locate an enemy nearby, and his screen was covered in symbols and warnings from the game, obscuring his vision.

Nade went down, unable to pick up his downed teammate, and immediately blew up, furious at the warnings getting in the way of him trying to rack up more kills.

After it happened, Symfuhny was sent the clip and, suffice to say, absolutely loved it, cracking up before the rage had even started, as soon as Nade’s gunfire started going astray and not hitting anything.

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Sym wasn’t the only one who found it funny, however, with his Twitch chat also spamming their enjoyment of the difficult moment for Nade.

The 100 Thieves man isn’t the only player who’s been growing frustrated with the game since it launched, though.

Dr Disrespect, never one to mince his words, has recently mocked the “out of touch” Warzone 2 developers after he was handed a 7-day ban for calling someone a “pus*y” in proximity chat.