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Swagg shocked at the state of Warzone on console: “It’s night and day”

Published: 20/Jan/2022 7:56 Updated: 20/Jan/2022 6:57

by Brad Norton


As one of Warzone’s top streamers, Swagg has been through the highest highs and lowest lows with the Call of Duty battle royale. However, the FaZe Clan star was left shocked upon testing the game on console and seeing just how “chalked” it really is.

There’s no denying Warzone has been in a rough state lately. With Activision coming out and apologizing for widespread issues, devs delaying the new Season, and hackers running rampant again, it’s been a difficult stretch.

Although many issues are prevalent on PC, things are unquestionably worse for console players. After hearing the outcry from PlayStation and Xbox gamers, as many label the title “unplayable” in its current form, Swagg decided to see it for himself.


Jumping into Caldera on Xbox, it took barely a few seconds for the Warzone streamer to notice the glaring differences. At times, he was even left “speechless” and claimed it was “night and day” from his usual PC experience.

“The world between PC and Xbox is so different,” Swagg said during his first drop at Peak. Before getting in a gunfight, the most obvious distinction immediately jumped out. “The graphics look chalked,” he yelled.

“It looks so bad. What am I seeing right now?”

With a limited FOV, capped frame rate, worse draw distance, and poor quality textures, Swagg couldn’t get over how “down bad” the Xbox experience is. “Everything is different on console. This just doesn’t feel optimized.”


Warzone gameplay
Warzone on console is a far less stable experience than on PC.

Outside of the visuals, the competitive Warzone veteran was shocked at key gameplay differences too. Everything from how guns felt to specific recoil patterns left him feeling like “a legit bot on Xbox.”

“It’s so hard,” he explained after losing another match. It took a while to find his groove and eventually, Swagg even secured his first Warzone win on Xbox. But even then, it wasn’t exactly a moment of joy.

“I’ve gotta DM one of the devs and just talk about the way console looks,” he joked towards the end of his session. “This is just bad. I truly feel bad. My eyes were hurting.”


Despite only playing for a few rounds, Swagg clearly wasn’t too keen on sticking around. It’s unlikely we see him dive back into console Warzone again anytime soon either.

With all the advantages on PC, it’s all the more reason for console-exclusive crossplay to be an option.