Swagg ruins potential Warzone 2 romance in hilarious random encounter

Warzone 2 operator hiding behind a barrier.Activision

Warzone 2’s proximity chat nearly led Swagg right into the romance of a lifetime but he quickly ruined it after his potential interest gave the wrong answer to an important question.

Swagg was playing a regular match of Warzone 2 when he ran into two women that were willing to talk things out in proximity chat rather than through a gunfight.

As they landed near him he engaged them in conversation asking if they were single or not, to which both of them revealed that they were, but one insisted that she’d have to be “wined and dined” before taking things any further.

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Naturally, Swagg asked how many dates it would take, and that was the beginning of the end of their burgeoning relationship.

Swagg ruins potential relationship in Warzone 2 proximity chat

The woman on the other side was candid about how much effort it would take and Swagg didn’t like that at all.

“Mmm….minimum 5 dates,” she said, and just like that it was all over. The FaZe Clan member opened fire on both players, disposing of both of them before they could even realize what happened.

He maniacally laughed as he collected the kills, joking that they “got him f***ed up” with that kind of requirement.

His fans let him know that he wasn’t alone in that perspective though. One commenter even joked about “taking you to Subway” if five dates are what it takes to earn someone’s affection.

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Another player joked that he made the perfect decision because those women “were clearly just in it for free food.”

It’s sad to see a good thing end so fast but it’s clear that Swagg was ready to move on and try his hand somewhere else.