Swagg responds to claims he “ruined” Warzone’s Rebirth Island

Activision/YouTube: Swagg

Swagg is one of the biggest names in Warzone, but Rebirth Island players have taken real issue with him after they blamed him for bringing over “campers” from Verdansk.

Rebirth Island was introduced to Warzone when Black Ops Cold War first came out, offering a high-paced, fast, and fresh Warzone experience, much different from Verdansk.

It’s great if you want to avoid some of the slower moments from the traditional battle royale experience, as well as make sure you’re almost always engaged in gunfights.

Now, though, Swagg has come under fire, with accusations being made that a video he made on Rebirth Island prompted “camping” Verdansk players to come over and ruin Rebirth for others.

Rebirth IslandActivision
Rebirth Island offers a more action-packed experience for Warzone players.

Now, Swagg has uploaded a new video responding to these claims, apologizing to Rebirth players and sending out a message to his followers.

“I’ve been seeing it everywhere,” he said. “All over TikTok, I’ve been getting tweets and DMs saying that I ruined Rebirth. I want to give my message to the Rebirth community.

“I’m sorry for ruining it if you think I ruined it. I simply just wanted to make a video on Rebirth and I enjoyed it, and I made a video on it. They’re saying that all the Verdansk kids came over to camp in Rebirth now. If that’s the case, everyone stop camping on Rebirth!”

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He added that he “thought he was showing love” to the Rebirth community and that he loves both maps, clarifying that he did not at any point advise to camp on Rebirth.

The Rebirth community is a very committed one — they won’t often be found in Verdansk, and since the map and mode is played so differently, must get pretty frustrated to find opponents camping similar to how they do in Verdansk.

Whether that’s Swagg’s fault, though, is hard to say.