Swagg still “loves” Warzone despite calls for him to uninstall in Season 4

Swagg playing WarzoneActivision / YouTube: Swagg

Despite Warzone’s relatively quiet stretch ahead of Modern Warfare 2, CoD veteran Swagg refuses to abandon the Battle Royale as he still has “love” for the game even with calls for him to uninstall and play something else.

Since Warzone’s jump to the Pacific in December, there’s no denying interest in the once-thriving title has been on a decline. From overall hours watched to the number of Twitch stars engaging with the title, almost all viewership statistics have halved across 2022 according to data on SullyGnome.

Whether it’s the heavily-criticized Caldera map, performance issues, or various game-breaking bugs, players have been fleeing in recent months and so too have many of the most popular content creators.

While an average day during Warzone’s peak would have seen the likes of NICKMERCS, DrDisrespect, TimTheTatman, and plenty others all live on Twitch, most have since moved on, only dipping their toes back in on the odd occasion.

Swagg, the biggest name still consistently streaming Warzone today, doesn’t have any plans to follow the trend though. There’s a key reason why: He still “loves” the Warzone grind.

“People say [Warzone] is bad,” Swagg acknowledged at the start of his July 23 YouTube upload. From the state of the game in Season 4 to the never-ending struggle against cheaters, “everyone” is advising him to “uninstall” for various reasons he explained.

Comments across social media are frequently asking him to “stop playing Warzone” and follow in the footsteps of other top streamers. Though while he certainly has his gripes, the passion hasn’t been stamped out just yet for Swagg.

“I still love Warzone,” he said in the comments on his video. Expanding on why, he pointed towards one particular high-kill win as the reason.

Dominating Caldera with members of FaZe Clan’s Nuke Squad and Cloakzy, they combined for 71 kills in total, wiping out more than half of the lobby by themselves. It’s games like that, where he’s on form cruising through the map while chasing records, that keeps Swagg coming back to this day.

Even if the ideal lobbies are few and far between, it’s the hunt for personal bests and global records that keeps him motivated.

How long that motivation will last is anyone’s guess, but Swagg doesn’t seem eager to part ways with Warzone anytime soon.