Swagg hits out at current state of Warzone 2, implores devs to “get it together”

Swagg discussing Warzone 2 on YouTubeYouTube: Swagg

Call of Duty superstar Swagg is fed up with the state of Warzone 2 and has called on Activision to “get it together” before the remaining player base falls off from the Battle Royale sequel.

When Warzone 2 replaced the original CoD BR at the tail end of 2022, it was largely seen as a regression for the franchise. From core gameplay regressions, a swarm of critical bugs, to a lack of fresh content on the horizon, the game struggled through its first few months on the market.

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With many frustrated at the state of affairs, Swagg even spoke out and argued the title is “moving backward” amid its declining player base.

“They built up Warzone 1 and did it so well, and they just took all the small things and the quality of life updates and brought it backward,” Swagg told us in an exclusive interview on December 22. Now a few months on, and it’s clear many of his complaints are still yet to be addressed.

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“We just had the midseason update and they literally did nothing,” he yelled in his new March 19 YouTube video. An upload simply titled: My Message to Warzone.

Warzone 2 players dropping into Ashika Island with WZ2.0 logoActivison
Warzone 2 hasn’t got that same magic as the original, according to Swagg.

At first, Swagg took issue with the lack of not only new updates, but a lack of clarity and communication in general. “Season 2 was our first update in five months,” he claimed, before stressing that key changes and bonus content just can’t take that long to arrive.

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“They are aware of the major stuff and they are working on it, I just wish they were faster,” he continued. The RPK was meta for 100 days…” On top of their pace, Swagg also wishes they’d more thoroughly test each update before it goes live.

One major factor that came under fire at the start of Season 2 Reloaded had to do with an accidental Tactical Sprint nerf. “They messed up Tac Sprint,” he said, flustered at how such a core system could be impacted in a new patch.

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Hitting out at the current game as a whole, Warzone 2’s overall decline can be pinned on one thing in particular, according to Swagg: A lack of “fun.”“The game can never be perfect, but make it fun. There’s no community moments. No clips, no highlights, when was the last time we all tweeted a clip? There used to be clips all the time. There’s no sniping, no cool movement clips.”

Where the original thrived as players looked to innovate through new tricks and gameplay innovations, the sequel’s slower pace combined with a TTK that is “just way too fast,” has limited that expression of skill.

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Ultimately, if things can get back to the way they were, Swagg thinks Warzone 2 still has a chance to turn things around. After all, “there is nobody else who wants to see this game succeed more than [him].” But if Activision doesn’t start righting those wrongs sooner than later, it could spell doom for the CoD BR.

“They’ve gotta get it together or we’re gonna be on Fortnite,” he said in conclusion.

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