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Swagg explains why he’s worried about Warzone’s viral zero-damage anti-cheat measures

Published: 19/Jan/2022 14:22

by James Busby


Warzone’s anti-cheat continues to prove problematic for hackers trying to get an advantage, but Swagg believes the new zero-damage hit registration could impact highly-skilled players. 

While cheaters still manage to play Warzone, a recent clip has highlighted how the game’s new anti-cheat appears to reduce the bullet damage done by those using hacks. This feature was demonstrated live as streamer, JoeWo, fought a hacker and took barely any damage

This is obviously a huge blow to any Warzone hackers who utilize aimbot and wallhacks to get an unfair advantage. However, Swagg is concerned that this new skill-based hit registration could impact Warzone pros. 


Swagg’s thoughts on Warzone anti-cheat

During his recent video, Swagg reacted to a number of Warzone hackers who appeared to get caught out by the new anti-cheat. The clips showed how Warzone currently deals with cheaters, with many being unable to deal damage at all. 

Swagg highlighted just how effective Ricochet is when it comes to countering hackers, laughing at how one player had to stop his stream after his aimbot and bullets no longer worked. 

“The new anti-cheat is making [cheaters] absolutely useless. Even if they get banned and try to make a new account, it wouldn’t really matter as their bullets just don’t do anything. That’s probably more rage-inducing for a hacker than having to make a new account.” 


While the Warzone pro enjoyed the catharsis that came with watching hackers get countered by the anti-cheat, he did question how the no damage bullet registration could impact innocent players. 

 “I see a lot of people get shadowbanned, do [I] think this bleeds into the player base, especially the higher skill level players? I don’t know, I don’t have the answers for that. I’ve not experienced anything noticeable, but I’m sure people in the comments have definitely experienced it.” 

It certainly seems Warzone’s anti-cheat is working as intended, but we’ll see just how effective it is in the months to come.