Swagg demands Warzone devs add two popular Blackout features in Caldera

Swagg next to Warzone and Blackout gameplayActivision / Twitter: Swagg

FaZe Clan’s Swagg went back to revisit the original Call of Duty battle royale, Blackout, and came away wishing two key features were implemented in Warzone right away.

Before players were dropping into Warzone for the first time, CoD fans had Blackout as the first battle royale experience in the popular FPS franchise. There were no Buy Stations, the Gulag wasn’t around, and gameplay as a whole was different to what we know now.

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Revisiting the classic mode for the first time in years, Swagg was caught off guard by just how different it really was. Playing through multiple matches, however, he quickly came to remember how “great” a few specific mechanics were in Blackout.

Although different developers are working on the BR today, Swagg wants to see inspriation drawn from the older title into Warzone in the near future.

Warzone Pacific gameplayActivision
Caldera has plenty of POIs backing onto the ocean, making Swagg’s biggest request of underwater combat a natural fit.

In his first match back in the 2018 release, Swagg recalled how “fun” underwater combat can be. Diving headfirst into a lake and realizing he can still shoot, it came as a “satisfying” surprise.

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“I actually like underwater fights,” he said. “I think it’s great. Another dynamic I think that should definitely be in Warzone. I love those underwater fights.”

In that very same match Swagg stumbled upon some equipment that also made him nostalgic. Flying through the sky directly into the upper floor of a building, the CoD veteran was right at home with a Grapple Hook in-hand.

“I forgot about that… that sh*t is fire,” he joked. Immediately taking down another foe, he described the thrill as something that “should definitely be in Caldera.”

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“I think Grapple Hooks should be in Caldera, no question about it. That was so satisfying. You can make some crazy plays with these.”

Most of Swagg’s experience was positive while revisiting Blackout, but not everything was perfect. From Shotguns to dodgy audio and the obvious exclusion of the Gulag, there was plenty that kept it from being “better than Warzone,” in his eyes.

With plenty of top streamers complaining about the state of Caldera, however, perhaps these two positives could be just what Warzone needs to bounce back. 

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