Swagg argues classic Warzone map shouldn’t return after revisiting Verdansk in 2022

. 5 months ago
Swagg playing Warzone in Verdansk
Activision / YouTube: Swagg

Swagg just dropped back into Verdansk for the first time since Caldera took over, but even with nostalgia getting him emotional, the FaZe Clan streamer still believes the original Warzone map should be left in the past.

After 21 months of gradually evolving Verdansk, Warzone changed forever with the jump to Caldera in the Pacific Season 1 update. Caldera came into effect, and while the full-sized map has certainly been divisive, it’s the only option for players outside of the smaller Rebirth Island.

Some have called the layout “boring” while others like Dr Disrespect have demanded an entirely new map replace Caldera already. Swagg, however, has been fairly mixed in his impressions. Despite claiming it requires ‘less skill,’ he’s stuck with the grind and seen his fair share of success on the map as a result, including a world-record quads run.

But after dropping back into Verdansk in 2022, the Twitch star has now settled on an opinion. Even with early issues on Caldera, Swagg doesn’t want to see the classic Warzone map making a return anytime soon.

Warzone Caldera Peak POI
Caldera has been nothing but divisive since it launched in December 2021.

With a handful of co-op Operations still live in Modern Warfare 2019, players are able to access Verdansk to some degree. While the full map doesn’t load in one big chunk, and battle royale rules aren’t in effect, Swagg used these missions to retread his old stomping grounds.

“I miss Verdansk. The OG map, this sh**’s beautiful,” he said, playing alongside his Nuke Squad teammate JSmooth. “Brings me back to so many memories.”

Whether it was fighting through Boneyard or kicking through the doors of the “original Superstore” POI, Swagg was emotional recounting all the “great times” he had in Verdansk.

“That’s the one thing with Caldera that Verdansk has, just the different fights,” he explained during the trip down memory lane. “People hated buildings, but I love being in close quarters like this.”

Warzone map
Even with the hit of nostalgia, Swagg doesn’t want to see Verdansk return anytime soon.

But even with nostalgia hitting him in the moment, he remained adamant on one thing: Verdansk shouldn’t come back to Warzone.

“I’ll always miss Verdansk,” he said, “but I don’t think they should bring it into rotation. It’s time.”

“[NICKMERCS] told me yesterday, he said try not to get said about the past. He doesn’t like when people say ‘I miss the old sh**.’ Just be glad that it happened and be in the moment.”

“Some things just have its time,” JSmooth chimed in. “We enjoyed it for what it was and that’s that.”

As it currently stands, there’s no telling if Verdansk will ever come back to Warzone.

With Caldera locked in until a reported Modern Warfare 2 map takes over in Warzone 2, there are no signs pointing to a return of the original locale.

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