Surprise qualifier team wins Chipotle Warzone Challenge: final placements


The Chipotle Challenger Series’ $50,000 Warzone tournament has now wrapped up and one of the qualifier teams stunned the competition with a dominant victory.

Featuring pro Call of Duty players, top content creators, athletes, and celebrities, the Chipotle Warzone Challenge was one of the most star-studded events we’ve seen since the popular battle royale released in March.

However, out of all those big names, it was the quartet of AlmxndTV, FluffyHippo1927, Intechs, and Insxte, who qualified all the way back in the first week, that ended up winning the whole thing, thanks to a strong mentality and some expert-level strategies.

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They finished with 349 points combined from their four matches, a remarkable total considering that each elimination was worth one point and victories were worth five.

While those guys may have come out of the blue to claim the win, there were some recognizable names in the top-10 as well, including Nadeshot’s team (fifth with 297 points), NICKMERCS’ squad (sixth with 294 points), and Team CouRage (ninth with 291 points).

The winners got to take home not only the whopping $25,000 prize and a year of free Chipotle burritos but also got another $25,000 donated to charity in their names.

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Chipotle Warzone Challenge final placements

Please note that some of the teams at the bottom may have a low amount of points due to not reporting scores on time.

Place Roster
1st AlmxndTV, FluffyHippo1927, Intechs, and Insxte
2nd Tgiryan, Dubl A, Catpotle, and Simplyshutters
3rd Superevan, Frozone, Xampzmedia, and Zcolorss
4th Lilskies, Golds, Chike, and Derekbuzz
5th Nadeshot, Tommey, Rallied, and Itzwarsz
6th FaZe Swagg, NickMercs, Adiaz, and GDbooya
7th Ricky, Dill, Gangstaz, and Finessen
8th Ohgras, Fioslit, Zerby, and Unrational
9th TeePee, Courage, Dougisraw, and Merk
10th Gun, Envader, Coie, and Beepbop
11 BrookeAB, Symfunhy, Crowder, and Huskerrs
12 Fallujahh, Koix, Vetroxi, and Beamxrs
13 Venitt, Riven, Flameburg, and Saquxtch
14 Yung, Donzell, TTVStudyy, and Proof
15 Neslo, DMTheory, Bloo, and Xenoihi
16 Reelmason, ReidboyyonTwitch, Shively, and Twitchaystv
17 TimTheTatMan, Dr Lupo, Cloak, and Aydan
18 Landon, Heisman, Luvey, and Yuhlegit
19 Impusle, Evasion, Reedr, and Elusoryy
20 Hops, Moist Moose, Docpopz, and Nxrveless
21 Bryanthejet, RussDaddy, Kekoa, and Bartonologist
22 Rated, Avxry, Typical Gamer, and FaZe Testy
23 Hitch, Blake, Jorge, and 2Pac
24 Loko Impunity, LHClarity, Prohibit_US, and Ayy Legal
25 C-Lloyd, Shotezzzy, Retthesweat, and Nivekphttv
26 Guruaf, Gingeraf, Legendaf, and Yetigunclapaf
27 Exclusives, Gunsiii, RFederal, and YoungGodGarz
28 Dingers, Shank, YouTubeBrock, and Yurtniskurt
29 Steve Aoki, Dylan Daly, James Batz, and Shaen McKerral
30 Silly, Asim, Assualt, and GodRX
31 Xavi, Melody, Zaddy, and Lluuee
32 Sev, BigJim, Bull, and Vast
33 Seth, Amsras, MacieJ, and ShurleyTemple
34 Skol, Wiz, Ffurg, and Erupptiion
35 Nueloz, Zemz, Supahnub, and StevenMarz
36 Erty, Harambes Soul, ItsTripStan, and Staxog
37 Swervin, Ecko, Osiris, and Seeing Double
38 Jordan Payton, Finn Wolfhard, Marcel Cunningham, and Sean Maddestra
39 XXX, Xlethal_Mercy, WavyPolarBear, and Kamakazi305
40 Jericho, GoldGlove, Di3sel, Cray
41 Hutch, Scump, Hecz, and SeaNanners
42 Jalen Suggs, Nick Hernandez, Diego Gonzalez, and Keaton Davis
43 Demi Bagby, Devon Bagby, Damian Bagby, and Conor Glaser
44 Vandyjf, Jesus, Zeasy, and Algbelieve
45 Joey Gallo, Cody Bellinger, Gavin Lux, and Zach LaVine
46 Myth, Grayson Allen, Tre Jones, and Albralelie
47 Rick, Will Knight, Hilary Knight, and Dan Bennet
48 Booba, McJaggers, TigerDailyy, and ItzzFocus
49 Jerry Ferrara, Jon Paul, Jeff Clive, and Nicholas Vinyard
50 Teuq, Ksap, Steez, and Sevn Thomas
51 Yassuo, Trick2G, Cookiemanman, and Reptar
52 Gordon Hayward, Boris Golubov, Nate Orlando, and Will Fahrenbach
53 Josh Hart, Allie Long, Meyers Leonard, and Zeno
54 DeMarcus Cousins, Mikal Bridges, Joc Pederson, and James Wiseman
55 Marcus Smart, Romeo Langford, TY Reese, and Trey Davis
56 RJ Hampton, Marcus Melvin, Christian Gregory, and Jalen Wilson
57 Colton Underwood, Chris Galya, Langdon Froomer, and Cameron Fuller
58 Karma, Holly, Ibulieve, and Gunplay


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Chipotle Warzone Challenge format

All of the teams were given three hours to try and get as many good games of Warzone as they could, with only their four best matches from that time window going towards their overall score.

Scoring was based on both eliminations (one point) and wins (five points), so you could imagine the incredible performances some of the teams had to have to put up these kinds of monstrous numbers.

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As for the teams themselves, many of them were invited by Chipotle to participate with another 32 making it from the qualifier rounds that took place in the weeks prior, including the squad that ended up winning the whole thing.

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In addition to all the prize and charity money they awarded out for this tournament, Chipotle also hooked up fans with free food as well – 3,000 burritos to be exact.

3,000 viewers were treated to one of the restaurant chain’s most popular menu items as a way to thank fans for watching. Now, the only thing that remains to be seen is what Chipotle have up their sleeve for the rest of 2020!

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