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Surprise Milano nerf in Warzone makes big change to recoil

Published: 4/Aug/2021 9:46

by James Busby


Raven Software has released a small patch that has fixed a number of general Warzone bugs, but one of the changes has impacted the Milano 821’s recoil. 

Warzone’s SMG meta has seen a number of changes since the Season 4 Reloaded midseason update. Not only did the widespread TTK changes see the meta shift back to the MAC-10 and MP5, it also saw the Milano rise up in popularity as well. Unlike the other guns in its class, Cold War’s pint-sized SMG comes packed with a little more range damage. 

If that wasn’t enough, this SMG has barely any recoil which makes it perfect for melting through enemies at a distance. Because of this, many players enjoy using the Milano on Rebirth Island where its close-quarters damage and high precision made it incredibly dominant. 


However, the latest Warzone patch could change the Milano’s current standing in the SMG meta. 

Warzone Milano nerf 

Milano Warzone
Activision / Treyarch
The Milano’s recoil has been increased in the latest patch.

Stopping Power Rounds have always been incredibly potent in Warzone, especially since they increase your gun’s damage. In order to make this added damage buff fair, the gun with the loaded rounds has its recoil drastically increased. 

This can make hitting targets at mid to long-range distances rather tricky, but if you can control the recoil, then you’ll down opponents faster than ever before. Well, it turns out the Milano didn’t receive the same treatment. 

In fact, when players equipped Stopping Power Rounds to Milano the gun would actually receive a significant reduction in recoil. Having a gun that can quickly down people in close-quarter fights, then laser foes at range isn’t exactly befitting of an SMG. 


Fortunately, Raven Software has finally addressed this issue in their latest patch. This means the Milano will now have an increased recoil pattern when equipped with Stopping Power Rounds. 

While the Milano will still be able to shred through your target’s armor, you’ll need to manage the gun’s recoil when going for those long-range kills.