SuperEvan joins XSET: “Something to prove”

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Call of Duty: Warzone star and Twitch streamer, Evan ‘SuperEvan’ Moore, has officially joined XSET Gaming. To bring in the news, we had an interview with Evan and XSET co-founder Marco Mereu about the man behind the mask and the partnership’s future.

SuperEvan is one of Warzone’s five highest earners of all time and a consistent favorite to win major tournaments. Now, he joins XSET Gaming, who continue to push the envelope in Warzone and at the crossroads of gaming, esports, and entertainment.

A former AAU basketball player and longtime gamer, we dove into Evan’s origin story, competitiveness, and future with XSET.

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XSET x SuperEvan: Assemble

What do you think makes XSET such a good fit for your game and community?

SuperEvan: I saw the way they were going. I feel like they felt my culture, a lot of their merch is stuff that I would wear. And they’re partnering with rappers and athletes, and that’s kind of the field I wanted to step into. I just think they’re headed the right way. I’m very excited for the future and can’t wait to see what happens.

Marco: I think, looking at his stream a year from now, it’s going to be significantly more watched than it is already. From XSET’s perspective, Warzone is the WWE of esports. It’s the most entertaining game you can watch right now. 

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We like to run these real-money, cash giveaway games. So we’re definitely going to up the game a little bit and bring our resources to make some of the stuff more exciting and pumped up around Evan’s gameplay. 

SuperEvan: Behind the mask

Know you’re a big Marvel fan, so who’s your favorite superhero?

SuperEvan: Iron Man, 100%. It’s either Iron Man or Thor. Iron Man’s character, Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr. just plays it so well. I just like the whole persona of Tony.

How would you describe your own Warzone playstyle: aggressive, support, or a mix?

SuperEvan: I would say I’m a mix of both. I’m more fast-paced than Tommey, but I still try to keep my head thinking ‘what’s the best move here?’ Just because I have Biffle as my teammate and Biffle’s just a psychopath, you’ve gotta let him go off the leash and he’ll go drop kills. 

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But there’s been times where we both have been just flying at kids, just running headlessly, and we’ll destroy our competition. It’s just playing what they give you.

You played a lot of sports growing up, so do you still have any tournament superstitions or pregame hype songs?

SuperEvan: I don’t have a specific set of songs, but I would say this: I have one song that I always play before every tournament and it’s a Lil Baby song: “Sum 2 Prove.” I made that my motto.

I have those superstitions. I had one where we won the last tournament, I had to wear the same shirt that we just won in. Because in basketball, whenever I played well in one game I would try to wear the same socks (I would wash them, obviously).

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Do you think that experience balling in AAU has translated into a competitive edge in gaming?

SuperEvan: 100%, it’s not even a question. When people come in and try to ask me for tips and stuff, I just tell them “you’ve gotta treat it like any other sport, where you work on your weaknesses, you put the time in, and then you just build your strengths.” I definitely think playing basketball or just sports growing up definitely helps with my competitiveness now.

As far as gaming, you’ve said NICKMERCS is an inspiration, but who are some of your favorite streamers currently?

SuperEvan: It’s still Nick obviously. And then I added Tim, who he plays with every day, and CouRage. I wouldn’t really say anyone that’s competitive play, it’s more the content play.

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You know FaZe Swagg, has been a big part in my recent moves. He’s been a big help, he kind of took me under his wing a little bit and showed me the ropes of all the YouTube stuff, all the analytics you wanna look at. The biggest one is definitely Swagg, for sure. And even the Baka Bros, I’ve been hopping in with them a lot now, they’re a lot of fun to play with. I love ’em to death. 

Are there any competitive players you watch to work on your own game?

SuperEvan: Aydan and Tommey, for sure. And even my own teammate, Biffle. There was this little moment where Aydan and Rated just didn’t lose a tournament, they were going off for two months, just winning every 2v2, so I was watching them.

I take a lot from Aydan because I feel like my playstyle is a lot like Aydan’s, where it’s just fast non-stop movement, just running and gunning. And Tommey’s more like the head-on-the-shoulders kind of guy, so I kind of take the best of both worlds.

Favorite Warzone meta?

SuperEvan: I came up when the M4 no-stock, the very first meta ever, was a thing. That was me. I had the M4 with Ghost and an RPG. That was me. I loved it, I loved it. I grabbed it off the rip every single time and it was just money. It just felt right to me.

Favorite games of all time?

SuperEvan: Games in general or Call of Duty? I don’t even know why I asked that, it’s gonna be Call of Duty regardless. I would probably say Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Black Ops II — definitely my two favorite games. And yes, Warzone, absolutely. I have no choice but to throw it up there.

Warzone Season 3 Battle PassActivision / Treyarch
Warzone has officially creeped into Evan’s list of favorites.

Mixing it up a little, how about a favorite food?

SuperEvan: Honestly, it’s probably not my favorite food now, but growing up — and I ate this until I was about 18, 19 — I would go to any restaurant and try to get it. 

It was chicken fingers, okay. Don’t make fun of me, I know it’s a little kid thing, but I loved chicken fingers. I always tell people who ask “how are you 6’5″?” “Well, I ate chicken fingers growing up.” I’m being dead serious. We go to a steak house? Chicken fingers. Italian place? Chicken fingers.

Do you have any message for new viewers to the stream?

SuperEvan: To be honest, not really. When the new viewers come in, I just let my gameplay really do the talking. The majority of people that watch me, they’re like “oh my god, you’re nasty at the game.”

I’m not like NICKMERCS funny, it’ll be there every now and then, like when I play with the Baka Bros. But my main thing is the gameplay, for sure.

Any content plans in mind?

SuperEvan: The one thing I do want to step into and I know XSET can help with, is a lot of IRL stuff. That’s besides Warzone, but I think the IRL scene is only getting bigger and bigger, just like esports is.