Summit1g slams Infinity Ward over balancing issues in Warzone

Joe Craven
Activision/Twitch: summit1g

Popular Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar has pleaded with Warzone’s developers to nerf the game’s rocket launchers, following a number of frustrating deaths experienced on stream. 

Summit1g is one of Twitch’s most experienced streamers, regularly bringing a high level of gameplay to all titles he plays. He has recently turned his attention to Call of Duty: Warzone, the acclaimed battle royale that released on March 10. 

Summit has previously pleaded with Infinity Ward to raise the game’s footstep volume and, during his April 1 participation in KEEMSTAR’s Warzone Wednesday, he grew frustrated with the relative power of rocket launchers in the current build of Warzone. 

Warzone has already hit 30 million players.

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While moving through Fire Station, summit encountered an enemy on top of the building. Despite responding with some pretty accurate shots and downing the opponent, he was killed by the enemy’s RPG projectile a second later. 

This sent the 26-year-old on something of a rant in which he implored Infinity Ward to make meaningful adjustments to the strength of rockets in Warzone. 

“No way!” screamed summit. “This game kills my insides, like come on man. You’re gonna reward that guy, for being an a**wipe on top of f**king Fire Station with a rocket launcher? CoD, help us out!”

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In a second clip, the veteran streamer continued his rant, explaining that the strength of rockets encourages negative playstyles, as well as rewarding lower-skilled players who do not deserve the kills they get. 

“I can understand high-*ss buildings, stupid f**king circles, not punishing dipsh*ts who wanna sit on top of buildings you can’t get on top of without helicopters but f**k!” he raged. “Do we have to give them all the tools to make it that much easier? F**king claymores, bouncing betties, rocket launchers filled all over the motherf**king map, come on!”

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“Dude re-peeks like an idiot after getting completely cracked, knowing he’s gonna get his face knocked off his f**king shoulders,” he finished. “But, as long as he gets his f**king rocket off first, right?!”

Summit’s point is one echoed by other community members, who argue that the current build of Warzone makes it too easy for players to play this way, and punishes players who are using more common weapons, like ARs or SMGs. 

Infinity Ward have not said a lot regarding the power of explosives in Warzone but it’s clear that some players, summit included, want to see changes.