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Summit1g explains how Warzone should punish campers

Published: 25/Mar/2020 10:51

by Jacob Hale


After playing a lot of Warzone since its release, Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has decided that something needs to be done about rooftop campers – and thinks he’s found the perfect solution.

Like many other streamers, the former semi-pro CS:GO player has been grinding the Call of Duty battle royale title since it came out on March 10, amassing a multitude of wins and proving why he’s such a highly respected player in the FPS field.

However, that’s not to say he’s completely in love with the game: it’s not perfect and clearly still has its creases to iron out, and Summit thinks one of these is killstreaks.


Warzone’s Verdansk is one of the largest maps in battle royale.

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While Summit doesn’t address everything you can pick up in the Buy Station, such as Armor Plates or UAVs, he says that airstrikes need to be much more powerful to counter campers on top of buildings.

“There needs to be more anti-roof b**ches,” he said, referring to players who “sit on buildings the whole game.”

“Make the airstrikes big so they strike the whole building top and make them instant so you can’t even respond to it,” he added, noting that the audio and visual warning players get should be removed from the game entirely.


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This is actually an extremely common complaint from Warzone players; it seems that if you’re not sat on top of a building, you’re destined to lose, so players end up playing much slower than they normally would and punishing anyone caught roaming the streets.

While Summit’s idea works against roof campers, it would also be an issue in the later circles which are rife with players dropping airstrikes to catch an easier win, so it could potentially cause issues in that scenario.

While Infinity Ward haven’t commented on rooftop campers, it may be something they’re looking at to try and make more playstyles viable in Warzone.