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Subtle Warzone feature reveals where your enemies are camping

Published: 26/May/2020 4:41

by Brad Norton


Campers in Warzone can easily be spotted with the help of an extremely subtle feature that you might have missed.

In the midst of the chaos of Infinity Ward’s battle royale, it can be easy to get caught up in the moment. Whether you’re sandwiched between two squads or driving across Verdansk, players rarely stop to take in the sights and sounds.

As a result, one remarkable detail appears to have been glossed over since Warzone’s release — an interesting environmental detail that could just help you take down Modern Warfare campers with ease in your next game.


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Infinity Ward
Greenery is scattered across Verdansk but you may have missed this subtle teaser among the trees.

If you happen to be running through a forest in Verdansk, there’s a surprisingly easy way to keep an eye out for opposition. While Heartbeat Sensors come in handy and UAVs will always be elite, there’s a barebones method of revealing enemy positions.

Keep an eye out for birds. It’s as simple as that. As enemies roam through the trees, birds will take flight to get away. If you see a flock of birds emerging nearby, get ready for a fight as an opposing player is guaranteed to be close.

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Yesterday I learned that birds can give away your position from CODWarzone

While others have reportedly seen just one or two birds flying away, an entire flock was spotted in this example from Reddit user ‘Noahthegoofy.’ A few seconds after the sighting, low and behold an enemy appeared on top of the hill.


This could easily help shut down opposing squads hiding away in the forest until the endgame. A quick look to the sky as birds appear and suddenly you’ll know where to push for your next targets.

Once the birds disappear out of sight, however, there’s no conclusive proof that the feature will come back into play. So be sure to remain extra vigilant.

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Infinity Ward
Even equipping a ghillie suit won’t keep your character hidden from the birds.

If you’re strapped for cash and running with the most generic loot, this simple detail could still give you the leg up. Even if the nearby enemies are running with Ghost, birds will give away their position. 


There’s seemingly no way to avoid this gameplay feature without steering clear of forests altogether too, so it’s always good to keep in mind!