Subliners’ Kismet slams “wack” Paris Legion and calls owner a “joke”

Jacob Hale
kismet new york subliners player with paris Legion logo on side
YouTube: New York Subliners/Paris Legion

New York Subliners star Matthew ‘KiSMET’ Tinsley went on an impassioned rant against Paris Legion and the franchise’s owner, Drew McCourt, after his win over OpTic Texas in Major 4 qualifiers.

Kismet arrived back in the Call of Duty League with the Subliners in May following Major 2, with a huge uphill battle for the side to qualify for Champs.

He’s helped turn the team around completely, with Subliners leading the way in Major 4 qualifiers at the time of writing with a flawless 4-0 record.

Kismet could have ended up on a completely different struggling team earlier in the season, though, with talks occurring between his Challengers team, Texas Nation, and Paris Legion — but it all went horrendously wrong.

Kismet next to Crimsix for Subliners on LAN
Instagram: subliners
Kismet has become an integral part of the Subliners team.

With the Subliners flying and Paris still struggling to notch a third win in the league, Kismet was in the Twitch chat of Thomas ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto’s Twitch show ‘The Flank’, talking about Paris Legion and calling them out over their decision-making.

Typing in the chat, he said: “Paris had the chance to get our whole Texas Nation roster and decided against it. Drew [McCourt, Paris Legion owner] doesn’t spend money … We said we’d play for minimum after Major 1.”

Of course, Kismet is no stranger to Paris Legion, having represented the side during the Modern Warfare season — and having his own issues with them back then, too.

“They forced me in Cali [during] Year 1 to pay a $6k rent and said no to TX and after, told me I was gonna have to live and play in France,” he explained. “That org is wack … I told Drew he was dumb and he dropped me on my head after telling me that. F**king joke of a guy.”

Kismet in The Flank Twitch chat
Twitch: ZooMaa
Kismet was very honest in his thoughts on Paris Legion and the franchise owner.

It’s impossible to say where Paris Legion would be now had they picked up Kismet and his Challengers teammates, but it would be incredibly difficult for them to be doing much worse.

While there have been questions over Paris Legion in the past, they’re set to start a whole new era in the 2023 season as they relocate to Las Vegas.

Some have argued that this move is a huge disrespect to the CoD esports community, but whether it brings better fortunes to the CDL outfit remains to be seen.