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Strange Warzone bug throws player into the void after using Stim

Published: 20/Jan/2022 1:48 Updated: 20/Jan/2022 1:50

by Alan Bernal


A surprising new Warzone bug threw a player into the shadow realm after using a Stim, making the game-changing equipment a death trap out of nowhere.

The glitch produces a jarring visual effect that covers the screen in flashes of white light, breaking the game for the person on the receiving end of it.

One particular Reddit user logged the bug in a post that showed the conclusion of their 1v1 before the game slammed them through the void. As soon as his character went down in the battle royale, the screen normalized to show his dead body.

“Anybody see this before?” they asked. “Confused af lol.” The glitch confounded other Warzone players who were also seeing the bug for the first time.


Anybody see this before? Confused af lol from CODWarzone

“When you think you’ve seen all the glitches, they go and surprise you with a new one,” another player said.

Lately, Raven Software has been targeting performance issues and much-needed bug fixes for Warzone. Just after the January 11 update, Raven released a follow-up patch that focused on performance issues and bug fixes.

Since then there’ve been a few bizarre bugs like the flying cars that cheaters have been taking advantage of as well as controller issues that create problems mid-game.

warzone pacific call of duty
Warzone Pacific Season 2 was delayed for the devs to dedicate more time to bug and performance fixes.

The Call of Duty team announced the delay of Warzone Pacific Season 2 on January 19, informing players that they would hold back the new content to “balance and optimize current gameplay experience.”


As the team behind Warzone figures out long-term fixes across the game, visual bugs like this could be the kind of issues that end up getting resolved.