Strange Warzone bug lets you kill players before you even drop in

Strange Warzone bug lets you kill players before you even drop inActivision

Warzone Season 5 has been one of the most exciting to hit the game. With tons of new changes in the meta, things are getting spicy. However, a new bug is popping up in Verdansk, as players are able to kill you before you even get to drop in.

With the Warzone Season 5 Reloaded update, we saw tons of new content added. From operator skins to weapon balancing, the game has played much differently.

While each update brings new things to the game, there can also be some bugs and glitches that arise.

The pre-game lobby is meant to serve as a warm-up for players as everyone loads into the game, but, with this latest bug, players have found a way to kill someone before they can deploy.

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Warzone ExecutionActivision
Warzone players can execute an opponent when getting behind them.

Warzone bug lets you kill player before the match

Most Warzone bugs can be extremely frustrating, from being invincible to getting shot through a wall, these can all have big impacts on a game.

This Reddit clip posted by ‘Felochel’ showcases a brand-new bug that is creating chaos in the pre-game lobby. While waiting for a match to start players can warm up and kill one another but it normally doesn’t have any affect on the game… until now.

In this clip, you see a player get executed right when the screen goes dark and the match is about to start. Instead of just putting the player in the plane to deploy, they instead end up with a death and had to wait to respawn.

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While the game has seen more humorous execution glitches like the T-Pose one, this can certainly change the way a game can play out.

Since this happened in a Clash game, and not a normal Battle Royale, the player was able to respawn. However, if timed perfectly in a normal BR, there’s a chance this could send players straight to the Gulag and really shake things up.