Stats show how RØKKR’s GodRx was a god among men at CDL Los Angeles

Stats show how RØKKR’s GodRx was a god among men at CDL Los AngelesDexerto

Minnesota RØKKR’s Adam ‘GodRx’ Brown has hit new levels on Modern Warfare, with an outstanding start to his Call of Duty League campaign, but CDL Los Angeles was his stand-out event by far.

Despite falling short to Dallas Empire in the Grand Final, Minnesota RØKKR showed why they should be considered one of the best CDL teams in the world in the City of Angels.

Discounting their group stage blip against OpTic Gaming LA, RØKKR were a force to be reckoned with at CDL Los Angeles — even shrugging off the reigning champions, Atlanta FaZe in the semifinals.

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Minnesota ROKKR's SiLLY.ROKKR (Twitter)
SiLLY stepped up against FaZe in the semifinals with a lights out performance.

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While each of Minnesota’s boys had their moments, there was one player in particular who showed up big throughout the whole event… None other than GodRx.

At CDL Atlanta, Brown was one of the most deadly players on the server, as he clocked out with the third highest kills (362) and the third highest K/D ratio (1.26) of the event.

A change of pace for RØKKR at CDL Los Angeles put an assault rifle into the 21-year-old’s hands for respawn modes, while he continued with his trusty sniper rifle in Search & Destroy.

Let’s take a look behind the numbers of GodRx’s superhuman performance in the City of Angels and see why he was arguably the MVP of the event.

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Minnesota ROKKR's GodRx.ROKKR (Twitter)
Has GodRx reached his final form? Or will he go from strength-to-strength as the season progresses?

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First and foremost, GodRx chalked up the most kills for the entire weekend; besting CDL Atlanta’s total with 393 kills in just five series. Specifically in Hardpoint though, GodRx boasted an average hill time of 74 seconds per game while still racking up the kills.

What’s perhaps more impressive is that Brown had the second-highest Hardpoint K/D ratio of 1.37, which was only surpassed by Mutineers’ Cesar ‘Skyz’ Bueno — a player who surprisingly crashed out in groups, despite making it to the CDL Atlanta Grand Final.

Domination is where GodRx truly came into his own in LA, as the AR kept the lanes locked down for his squad to be aggressive with the objective.

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An engagement success rate touching on 60% while maintaining an average of 21 kills per game meant that GodRx was RØKKR’s secret ingredient in winning 3/5 of their Domination matches.

GodRx's stats from CDL Los Angeles.ROKKR (Twitter)
GodRx posted numbers like CDL Lost Angeles was a public server.

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Alongside his merciless prowess with an AR in respawns, Brown stood head and shoulders above the rest when it came to Search & Destroy.

Amassing a ridiculous 63 kills in S&D alone, no one could match GodRx’s tactical knack during the weekend — Dallas Empire’s Huke was the closest in terms of raw frags with 51.

His kill count was complemented by the second-highest S&D K/D of the event at 1.62. But this doesn’t provide context to how dominant his sniper was all weekend long — who could forget his insane 12-2 showing versus Seattle Surge?

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Edging out Atlanta FaZe’s Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr as the event’s top marksman, he scratched up 16 sniper kills in total, which keeps him as the second most deadly sniper in the league.

London Royal Ravens' wuskin.Activision
The race is on to be the most deadly marksman in the league. Will GodRx pip wuskin to the post?

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Following CDL Los Angeles, GodRx now has the most eliminations at 941 and the largest positive swing in the league of +209 kills.

Brown looks set to be the first player to break the 1000 kill barrier in CDL Dallas, but he will have to get past some tough opposition to do so, as the Minnesota RØKKR are set to lock horns with the Chicago Huntsmen in their opening match.

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Stats via Easy Mac.