Call of Duty

Specialists Return in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 With Old and New Faces

by Ross Deason


The new Call of Duty title, Black Ops 4, will see Specialists return as revealed in the official community reveal event.

The community reveal event for the highly anticipated game quickly pulled in over 200,000 viewers and the Black Ops 4 developers were quick to start dropping interesting facts.


One of the biggest pieces of news came in the announcement that specialists, similar to those seen in Black Ops 3, will be making a return with some old faces and some completely new ones.

It looks like Seraph, Firebreak, Ruin and more will be showing their faces again with some slightly different abilities to those seen in the previous Black Ops title.


The specialists will no have the option to equip their own specialist equipment in the create a class menu with specialist equipment being available when a meter fills up (similar to specialist abilities).


But that's not all.

Black Ops 4 will let us learn more about the specialist characters and what has made them the way they are.

We're not sure exactly how that information will be delivered but it feels like there will be some form of origin stories.