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SpaceLy to miss CWL Fort Worth as Pro League team negotiations break down

Published: 8/Mar/2019 11:03 Updated: 9/Mar/2019 18:19

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty pro player Michael ‘SpaceLy’ Schmale has revealed that he will no longer be in action at CWL Fort Worth on March 15, following his surprising benching on Gen.G.

Update, March 9: SpaceLy has confirmed he will no longer be apart of CWL Fort Worth after the decision to not pursue a roster spot. “Things changed and I actually won’t be attending Fort Worth,” said SpaceLy.


This will not be the end of the season for him however, the former Gen.G player will reassess his options during the next transfer window. 

‘Going to wait for the next roster change period next month and hope better opportunities open up. Better then rushing into a forced/ugly situation,” explained SpaceLy.


Original story as follows.

Despite Gen.G establishing themselves as one of the biggest surprises of the CWL Pro League, significant changes to the roster have been made ahead of the second major LAN event of the season.

It was revealed on March 6 that SpaceLy, a key component in the team securing organizational help for CWL Las Vegas and Pro League after playing under the ‘Team Space’ banner, was out and he would be replaced by Midnight Esports player Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon.


However, SpaceLy could be back in action at the Texas-based event with a new squad.

The Gen.G organization stepped into Call of Duty with Black Ops 4.

The former Luminosity Gaming pro revealed that he had a new roster lined up and would not be competing in the open bracket, instead working his way back onto a current Pro League team.

He tweeted: “Looks like I may be at Fort Worth in pools and still in the league after all. If this all goes down like its being proposed. Couldn’t have happened smoother,” with the two hands up emoji attached to signify his delight with what is in the works.


SpaceLy has yet to reveal which team he is in talks with to join.

As with all roster moves during the Rostermania transfer period, nothing is official until there is confirmation from the teams and players involved in the moves.


To keep up with all the latest moves, of which there have already been a few, use our dedicated transfer hub for continuous updates about each confirmed roster change ahead of the Fort Worth event.

The roster  transfer window slams shut on March 8, a few days before the event gets underway on Friday, March 15. 

Call of Duty

Treyarch responds to game-breaking Black Ops Cold War controller bug

Published: 12/Oct/2020 1:22

by Brad Norton


You may have had your controller disconnect randomly while playing the Black Ops Cold War beta. Rest assured, you’re not alone and the developers at Treyarch are fully aware of the game-breaking issue.

The Black Ops Cold War beta went live on Thursday, October 8. If you’ve been grinding throughout the PlayStation 4 period of the test, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered a few problems. After all, that’s the point of a beta. 


From critical network issues to a sliding bug that made players faster than ever, a handful of problems have already been addressed, though one truly “game-breaking” glitch is still weighing the experience down for some. 

If you’re playing with a controller, which the majority of PS4 players are, you need to be cautious of this one. Seemingly at random, your controller can outright switch off and leave you defenseless. 

Black Ops Cold War gameplay
Having your controller disconnect could leave you stranded as an easy target.

Regardless of whether your controller is plugged in or wireless, whether it’s fully charged or running low, this bug can strike at any time. When loading into a map, your device can randomly be shut off without warning. 

“As soon as I got to the select class, my controller turned off,” FrostByte2048 said.

From here, there’s no way to turn it back on midway through the game. Even after being “kicked for inactivity,” they couldn’t get the Dualshock back up and running. The only solution “was to reset [the] PS4 by holding the power button.”


It turns out this is quite a common issue as dozens of players chimed in with similar experiences from the beta. We’ve even encountered the problem first-hand here at Dexerto too. However, Treyarch is fully aware and trying to push out a fix as soon as possible.

“Our team is investigating issues like these,” Treyarch dev FoxhoundFPS responded. They even highlighted other instances of the bug, ensuring they’re on top of it.

There’s no telling what causes the disconnect, though some players believe it to be map specific. Cartel could be the main culprit, though the problem can still arise on other maps. Be sure to double-check at the start of every game just to be safe.


With the beta moving to all platforms from October 15 onwards, perhaps a fix will be included as the early access goes live once again.