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CoD Pro SpaceLy Hits Out at Bloomberg for Cutting Footage in Video About His Time in Ghost Gaming

by Calum Patterson


Former Ghost Gaming player Michael "SpaceLy" Schamle was recently featured in a short documentary episode about the "Glamorous life of a Pro Gamer", as part of Bloomberg's 'Next Jobs' series.

The piece focused mainly on SpaceLy, his early career all the way to his ascendence to the pro level, and living in the plush LA mansion put on by his former employers.


SpaceLy was released from the roster after they missed out on Stage One of the CWL Pro League, and a number of poor placings at open events.

Now playing for Elevate as well as performing an analyst role with Luminosity Gaming, the documentary episode has just been released, and SpaceLy was not entirely happy with the final product.


His issue was mainly with the latter section of the episode, which focuses on his release from the team.

SpaceLy claims that he spoke for over an hour with the producers, discussing the reasons he was released, including not wanting to play with other members of the team.

In post-production the producers cut this section, suggests SpaceLy, meaning it doesn't tell the accurate story of his release from the organization.


The other players, with the exception of Andres "Lacefield" Lacefield, have all now been released from the Ghost roster too, which now features Chris "Parasite" Duarte, Adam "GodRx" Brown and Casey "Pandur" Romaro.

The episode is a good insight into how the previous team trained and lived together, but SpaceLy wasn't entirely pleased after they omitted a large section about why he was dropped.

You can watch the full episode from Bloomberg below.