Call of Duty

Someone has Recreated the CoD: Black Ops 4 Cover Art as an Emblem in Black Ops 3

by Albert Petrosyan


The creative minds of some hardcore Call of Duty fans should not be underestimated, especially when it comes to their favorite first person shooter franchise.

One such fan, who is known as 'Babifoot_' on Twitter, has recreated the cover art of the upcoming Black Ops 4 title within the existing Black Ops 3 game.


After initially being leaked, the cover art of CoD: Black Ops 4 was confirmed during the worldwide Community Reveal Event for the game on May 17th.

The cover art features what appears to be an in-game specialist character known as the 'Ruin' in front of the classic BO4 logo.


Using the emblem editor feature in Black Ops 3, 'Babifoot_' perfectly recreated the Black Ops 4 artwork using intricate patterns and layers.

Considering how basic and rudimentary the options in the editor are, it looks as if it must have taken him a lot of work and time to produce such a quality emblem.

Source: @Babifoot_


While players may find it difficult to recreate this emblem for themselves, they can still get a special Black Ops 4 logo calling card in BO3 for free.

As the October 12th launch date for the title approaches, the Call of Duty community can expect more and more BO4 related fan content to begin popping up on social media and Reddit.