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Smart Warzone HUD change would make teamwork much easier

Published: 11/Apr/2021 12:55

by Joe Craven


A smart fan-made Warzone UI concept would see more teammate information added to players’ HUDs, letting them know armor quantities, killstreaks available and more. 

One of Warzone’s best aspects is the integration of Call of Duty’s multiplayer staples. Not only have scorestreaks and perks made the cut, but so have vehicles, care packages, and an emphasis on 1v1s in the form of the Gulag.

These components mean that, in all forms of Warzone except Solos, teamwork and communication are absolutely key. Being able to reposition around a teammate’s scorestreak can win you a gunfight. However, one fan’s UI concept would take Warzone teamwork to the next level.


Warzone gunfight Season 2
Warzone players have been loving the game since its launch.

At the moment, teammates get very limited intel in terms of their teammates’ perks, available scorestreaks and equipment. Currently, the bars at the bottom left of a player’s screen only show health, armor, self-revive, and the amount of cash they are carrying.

However, Redditor ‘u/Abood_Abuobaid‘ has suggested an overhaul to aspects of it, so that it displays the number of armor players are carrying, what perks they have, and their scorestreaks, if any.

The information would be available at a glance, and would instantly allow players to see how their team is set up.

this could be very helpful from CODWarzone

The idea proved incredibly popular on Reddit, sitting at over 3,000 upvotes at the time of writing. One fellow player said: “This would be awesome. Although I like hiding that I have plates to share with my mates when they make stupid decisions during the endgame and constantly ask for mine.”


Of course, it’s not without flaws. For example, seeing the number on top of the shield symbol may be tricky for some. Especially if you play on a large screen, and sit far from it. However, it’s still better than the alternative, which is no information at all.

With this update, there’d be no way of duping teammates and hoarding your armor plates. Whether we see it added is another matter, but add it to the list alongside these 8 vehicles that are apparently on their way.