Slept-on Warzone 2 AR actually dominates as an SMG in Season 3

Kastov 74U in green skin on warzone 2 al-mazrah mapActivision

If you’re looking for something a little different in Warzone 2, there’s an underused assault rifle that actually beats out some of the meta SMGs in the game and can be used in a similar manner.

Across both Warzone and Warzone 2, there have been a few examples of weapons operating slightly differently from the weapon class they’re actually classified under. 

This has been evident when some assault rifles lack the power to compete over long-range and are better suited to being an SMG and, on the flip side, we’ve seen SMGs dominate across long-range because the TTK at close-quarters isn’t all that solid. 

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In Warzone 2, this has popped up again with the X13 Auto pistol actually beating out some SMGs in gunfights. Though, it’s not alone in that sense. 

Best Kastov-74U loadout in Warzone 2 for sniper support

Warzone 2 guru WhosImmortal highlighted the Kastov-74U – the AK-74U – in his April 26 video, noting that the AR is actually better used like an SMG because of its short-range power. 

“Its great for close to mid-range, this really isn’t a long-range weapon whatsoever, so it is perfect for that sniper support niche,” the YouTuber said, noting it “fries” up close and beats out some SMGs. 

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His setup does differ from the more popular 74U build with the BR209 Barrel, FSS OLE-V Laser, and Markeev R7 Stock all being used instead of more popular attachments. 

  • Barrel: BR209 Barrel
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Magazine: 45-round mag
  • Stock: Markeev R7 Stock
  • Rear Grip: Demo-X2 Grip

What is also interesting about the 74U is the fact that its power doesn’t match its popularity. The AR clocks in as the 28th most-used weapon according to WZRanked’s stats. 

That could see a boost, but it’s unlikely to crack the meta anytime soon given some other SMGs out there. But, it’s at least worth trying.

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