Slept-on Vanguard SMG dominates H4 Blixen in Warzone TTK

Type 100 in Warzone storage town on CalderaActivision

Want to get away from the H4 Blixen and Marco 5 SMG meta in Warzone? Well, there’s an underused Vanguard weapon that actually dominates in the TTK stakes.

Following on from the recent pass of weapon balancing and updates, Warzone’s meta has pretty much been taken over by three guns – NZ-41, Marco 5, and H4 Blixen – all from Call of Duty: Vanguard.

In an ongoing bid to keep things fresh, some players have continued to use other weapons to tackle these three dominant guns, with some weapons from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War getting a bit of love. Though, there are still plenty of Vanguard options as well.

Included in that batch of Vanguard weapons is the Type 100, which has been pretty dominant in Warzone previously, but has fallen down a few pegs thanks to changes. However, it could squeeze its way back into the meta picks once again.

Type 100 could be Warzone meta again with devastating TTK

That’s right, if you forgot about the Type 100 somewhat, you’re not alone. The Vanguard SMG has slipped to having a 1.01 pick rate as per WZRanked, which is a far cry from where it was a few months ago.

As NRG’s IceManIsaac points out, though, the slept-on SMG can still dish out pretty devastating damage, and has a way better TTK than the H4 Blixen – and it’s as low as 500ms in some shot locations.

“The Type 100 is that guy. It is absolutely crushing it, even to the stomach, even to the legs, even to the lower legs and arms,” the YouTuber said in his July 24 video. “You are winning your 1v1s with this gun. This gun is shockingly good and it’s very easy to control.”

To get those stats, Isaac isn’t running some funky build – it is still the same Type 100 setup that pretty much everyone was using before the SMG was hit with a bit of a nerf.

So, if you want to break free of the meta and use something a little different, why not revisit an old favorite? It’s still pretty deadly.