Sledgehammer Reveals Special Rewards for Reaching Master Prestige Levels 400 and 600 in CoD: WWII

Sledgehammer Games has revealed more of the rewards that will be given to players who achieve high ranks in Call of Duty: WWII.

In their latest Weekly Community Update, the developers displayed images of the special uniforms and weapon camos that will be award to players who reach levels 400 and 600 in the Master Prestige rank.

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Here is what the Level 400 weapon camo and uniform will look like:


These will be the rewards for reaching Level 600:

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These rewards are only two of the whole batch that Sledgehammer has announced that it will be awarding to players for reaching various tiers within the Master Prestige rank.

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The reward for reaching Level 1000 had already been teased by the developers when this new feature was first announced:

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These rewards will be given out after the next major update for WWII goes live, and players who have reached certain levels will automatically receive all items for their tier and all the ones that they have already surpassed.

This means that Level 1000 players will not only receive their special camo and uniform, but all of the other rewards as well, including the ones for Levels 400 and 600 shown above.