Sledgehammer Responds to Clayster, Ending the Ardennes Forest Mystery Tree Scandal

Sledgehammer Games has finally addressed the recent discussions regarding the Ardennes Forest map in CoD: WWII, putting an end to the debate once and for all.

Social media began filling with posts from players who to noticed what they thought were two additional trees near the Cave Hardpoint on Ardennes Forest. Many were upset to see more trees on Forest, because the map struggles with consistent aim assist due to them.

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James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks, a pro CoD player for eUnited, tweeted out an image of the trees in question, expressing his sarcastic disgust.

The CoD community quickly jumped on the issue, loading up Ardennes to look for themselves and see how the new map layout would play. Some players welcomed the new changes, while others continued to deride it.

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There was just one problem, nothing actually changed on Ardennes Forest. Older images of the game were brought up as a comparison and failed to reveal anything different. The two trees in question have been on the map since the game launched.

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Although most players quickly switched to laughing about the mystery trees, including jokes about the smoke tactical, a number of community members were not convinced there were no changes.

Thankfully, or maybe unfortunately, Clayster’s initial tweet set off alarm bells over at Sledgehammer Games, who sent devs to investigate the code for additional trees on Ardennes Forest.

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Sledgehammer found nothing, confirming that the Call of Duty community had temporarily lost its mind over the weekend.

The Ardennes Forest tree saga has ended with a humorous GIF from Sledgehammer.

Clayster apologized for being Patient Zero in the Ardennes Forest tree mystery, and took one last jab at smokes.

The CWL resumes on Monday, July 2nd with the Pro League Challenge, before the CWL Pro League picks back up on Tuesday, July 3rd. Ardennes Forest will have the same amount of trees for both competitions.