Sledgehammer Releases Hilarious Parody Video “Investigating” Clayster’s Ardennes Forest Tree Conspiracy in CoD: WWII

Despite being debunked, the Ardennes Forest tree conspiracy in CoD: WWII has not fully gone away on social media.

Sledgehammer Games has released a parody video documenting the investigative process they undertook to uncover the truth.

Called SHG Investigates ‘The Trees,’ the video makes fun of the entire situation, starting from when eUnited pro James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks took to social media to complain.

There are numerous hilarious moments, including the consulting of a “tree expert,” an interview with an anonymous developer who hides his identity and uses a voice changer, and footage from a “hidden camera” showing the extra trees being secretly added, and more.

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The video ends with a message that pays homage to Clayster, crediting him with providing the inspiration behind this parody.

Special thanks to aspiring sleuth Clayster for tipping us off to this mystery.

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SHG and Clayster have been involved in a humorous back and forth since the pro, along with many other casual players, began posting images of one part of the Ardennes Forest map and claiming that there had been several new trees added, blocking the line of sight and disrupting aim assist.

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The developers quickly disproved these theories, citing game files that had been untouched, after which Clayster responded with an apology for raising false red flags.