Sledgehammer Games Co-Founder hilariously slams Black Ops 4 $30 melee weapon


Treyarch came under fire from the Black Ops 4 community when it released their controversial Triple Play bundle on March 26, and now a former Sledgehammer executive is joining in on the fun.

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The latest special offer in the Black Market let players spend a cool 2800 COD points, roughly $30, for a Weapon Crate, 10 cases, and 10 tiers as well as the new Home Wrecker melee weapon.

Since the main draw of the Triple Play seems to be the Ultra Melee Weapon, players felt Treyarch weren’t taking them into consideration when they locked the new item behind a bundled price.

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TreyarchThe Triple Play bundle in the Black Ops 4 shop.

In a March 27 tweet, Co-Founder and former Studio Head of Sledgehammer Games Michael Condrey set the record straight when someone joked about the microtransactions that are filling Call of Duty titles.

In his reply, he detailed how he and his team at the time approached post-launch content, while clarifying that a $30 digital weapon wouldn’t happen under his command.

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“To be clear, Advanced Warfare launched only with rewarded Supply Drops,” Condrey said. “We were driven by, and at the service of, providing fans more ways (than just XP) to earn rewards, customize their Create-A-Class, and express achievements in the virtual lobby. $30 for a melee weapon? Not on my watch.”

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The former CoD exec left nothing to interpretation when expressing his views toward the latest bundle from Treyarch and Activision.

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Twitter users flocked to his reply with both thunderous applause and cheer at the sound of a prominent figure in game development denouncing the latest microtransaction in Black Ops 4.

Since his time at Sledgehammer, Condrey was an executive at Activision until December 2018 when he left for a yet-to-be-announced studio under Take Two Interactive.

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Going by his feelings toward the latest Triple Play bundle, it’ll be interesting to see how Condrey approaches microtransactions in his next project.

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