Sledgehammer responds to CoD Vanguard visibility and audio issues

Alan Bernal
cod vanguard
Sledgehammer Games

Sledgehammer Games are going to further address visibility issues before the next Call of Duty Vanguard Beta window, while also improving audio problems that have been cropping up.

After the first Call of Duty Vanguard Beta, Sledgehammer Games (SHG) received a ton of feedback about the graphics quality that could sometimes hinder the visibility in-game. Effects like the blood on the screen when taking damage were a big concern among players.

While Sledgehammer have tried to help the situation in previous Vanguard Beta patch updates, they’re going to take another swing at visual and audio problems soon.

“We’re aware there is a significant amount of discussion around player visibility and audio mixing,” the company said. “Stay tuned as we will address some of our planned updates later this week.”

There were plenty of complaints during the Vanguard beta since gameplay would typically get frustrating after a big fight. The screen would get filled with blood, making the rest of the scene a bit murky.

That’s aside from the concerns about Vanguard’s graphics, which some people likened to the kind of visuals we’d get from the Nintendo DS.

The only thing more important than seeing where your opponents are is being able to hear their sound queues. This was another point of concern during the Beta as footsteps and other queues would sometimes be missing.

Sledgehammer Games
Sledgehammer Games are looking into the audio and visual issues plaguing the game.

This would result in opponents seemingly appearing out of nowhere without warning, causing a ton of confusion in matches.

But the studio behind Vanguard announced that they’ll be looking into the audio mixing to enhance the quality of the sound.

Sledgehammer will announce more updates on both fronts next week, which will hopefully have more solutions to the burgeoning issues.