Sledgehammer Announces a Mid-Week Call of Duty: WWII Playlist Update Which Includes 2x Division XP for a Limited Time

Sledgehammer has announced a new ‘Midweek Mobilize’ Playlist Update which grants users with 2x Division XP in a specific game mode for a limited time.

After being released in November of 2017, Sledgehammer Games has attempted to keep Call of Duty: WWII fresh for players by implementing a variety of new content since its launch.

New weapons, maps, items, and other forms of in-game accessories have continued to make their way into the title, along with different ‘themed’ items for certain community events.

In addition to new, concrete items, the developer has remained adamant on weekly ‘Playlist Updates’ which typically feature a specific game mode allowing players to obtain boosts, such as double XP.

On May 23rd, it was announced that players will receive Double Division XP in the War Mode playlist for a limited time.

Players will have until Thursday, May 24th at 10 AM PDT (1 PM EST, 6 PM BST) to claim the Double Division XP before it is gone for the week.

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