Call of Duty

SlasheR tells Nadeshot why Treyarch brought CoD pros out to talk competitive BO4

by Mitch Reames


SlasheR, one of the new 100 Thieves CoD players, joined Nadeshot while his new boss was streaming Black Ops 4.


They talked about a bunch of things relating to BO4 including how Treyarch has taken the opinions of CoD pros like SlasheR into account as they prepare for the upcoming CWL season.

“We ran through all the maps and modes trying to narrow it down to 5-6 maps per mode for the beginning tournaments,” SlasheR said to Nadeshot.


SlasheR, a former Rise Nation player, is part of the brand new 100 Thieves Call of Duty team alongside Fero, Kenny, Enable and Octane.

The team is one of the early fan favorites after poaching three players from Team Kaliber in addition to SlasheR from Rise Nation and Octane from OpTic.


One of those players poached from Team Kaliber is Kenny, who was apparently slaying people at the Treyarch studios with SlasheR.

“I was lowkey frying. Me and Kenny were discussing 2v5,” SlasheR said with a laugh after the clip above.

“You just love to hear it,” responded Nadeshot who has to be hoping his esports organization makes an immediate impact in the title where he originally made his mark.