SlasheR & Cellium hit back at Drazah over Atlanta FaZe cheating allegations


CDL pros SlasheR and Cellium have responded to LA Thieves’ Drazah, after the latter accused Atlanta FaZe of cheating and breaking the Gentlemen’s Agreement.

The Call of Duty League Major 3 qualifiers are now underway, and things are certainly heating up between teams.

Following the first day of competition, LA Thieves’ Zack ‘Drazah’ Jordan hit out at Atlanta FaZe, alleging that they cheated during their game, using a ‘stair glitch’.

SlasheR & Cellium respond to cheating accusations

In a February 20 tweet, Drazah slammed Atlanta FaZe, accusing Cellium of breaking the Gentlemen’s Agreement by stair glitching during the first map.

“Well deserved loss for doing this in a match, this is the exact reason why stair glitching is GA’d right now,” Drazah wrote on Twitter after the game.

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Hitting back, SlasheR jumped to Cellium’s defense, claiming that he wasn’t stair glitching — noting that his teammate wasn’t even prone. “Bro he’s not stair case glitching. You have to be up on the staircase laying down. Quit being weird,” he responded.

However, Drazah continued to argue his case, claiming that his point of view would make SlasheR think otherwise.

The Atlanta FaZe pro responded once more, this time accusing LA Thieves of using Loudness Equalization. Although not part of the GA, the setting gives players an advantage when it comes to listening out for footsteps.

“No I wouldn’t think different, I can tell from the screenshot. Also don’t you guys have sound eq on??? lmao you cannot be serious,” SlasheR replied.

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He continued: “Also it’s hilarious you are so TEED (LOL) you don’t even know whats going on, he’s crouched.”

“Don’t do drugs kids,” Cellium added, with a laughing emoji.

It’s clear that the COD community is split when it comes to the Loudness Equalization setting. However, it’s still yet to be prohibited among the pros. Likewise, stair glitching will likely remain a point of contention unless it is targeted for a fix by developers.